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Resident Evil 5

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    Resident Evil 5
    Platforms: PlayStation 3
    Xbox 360
    Windows (PC)
    PlayStation 4
    Xbox One
    Nintendo Switch
    Release date(s)

    PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
    March 5, 2009
    AU: March 12, 2009
    NA: March 13, 2009
    EU: March 13, 2009

    Gold Edition
    JP: February 18, 2010
    NA: March 9, 2010
    AU: March 11, 2010
    EU: March 12, 2010

    Windows (PC)
    September 17, 2009
    AU: September 17, 2009
    NA: September 18, 2009
    EU: September 18, 2009

    Gold Edition
    WW: March 26, 2015

    PlayStation 4, Xbox One
    June 28, 2016

    Nintendo Switch
    October 29, 2019
    Directors: Yasuhiro Anpo
    Kenichi Ueda
    Writers: Haruo Murata
    Yoshiaki Hirabayashi
    Kenichi Ueda
    Producers: Jun Takeuchi
    Masachika Kawata
    Designers: Jiro Taoka
    Programmers: Soji Seta
    Composers: Kota Suzuki
    Resident Evil 5 was the continuation of the series and was released worldwide throughout early March 2009. It built upon the template set by Resident Evil 4 (such as the general level size, control scheme and focus on action and set pieces) with other elements borrowed from Resident Evil 0 (character switching and inventory sharing).

    The game was also the first game in the series to be represented on the seventh generation of home consoles (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360) but eventually made it to other platforms including Nintendo Switch and Windows PC's.

    Resident Evil 5 heralds the return of strong main characters from the original game - Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine and Albert Wesker to name but a few. Some new supporting characters were introduced such as Sheva Alomar and Excella Gionne. It also retained the Plaga parasite introduced in Resident Evil 4 as the main adversary once again.

    The game is set in the heart of Africa and a lot of the gameplay takes place outdoors, in the daytime. Instead of the Ganado, the player will face the Majini and additionally a new threat; the Uroboros virus.

    Quite importantly, this game also ends in the death of Albert Wesker, one of the main villains of the series.

    Critically, it was lauded for its graphics, storyline and gameplay and even today still feels technically strong. However some critics felt that the control scheme remained somewhat restrictive in the age of other third-person shooters (e.g. it was not possible to move around and shoot at the same time) - although some could argue this was intentional, in order to add tension. People were also divided on the forced co-operative nature of the levels; Chris was often paired with Sheva, and there were many obstacles throughout the levels which required both characters input in order to proceed.




    A region in West Africa, in the middle of a B.O.W. Crisis
    Public Assembly
    Here is where the Majini Instigator rallies his supporters
    Furnace Facility
    Would you like to meet my friend Uroboros?
    Mining is a profitable enterprise round Kijuju
    Going around the area takes longer but it should be safer... right?
    That sunset is beautiful. Shame there are guys on ATV's trying to kill us
    Kijuju Wetlands
    Tribal society seems so quaint. That guy in the headdress looks angry...
    Oil Field
    The once beautiful lands have been scarred by big business
    Patrol Boat
    Whats that coming from under the boat? Is it a monster?
    Shanty Town
    It's not 'shanty', it's 'shantae' thank you very much
    Spencer Estate
    So big you'll feel like you've been punched in the chest
    Ndipaya Cave
    A hidden, ancient civilisation lived here. But they have ammo crates too
    Who hasn't seen that movie. David Bowie was in it, didn't you know?
    It could have been a wonder, but nobody knew it was here
    Ancient Village
    The village of the Ndipaya tribe. Ready to be desecrated
    Underground Garden
    Where Spencer first discovered the power of a virus
    Progenitor Virus House
    You wanted ground zero? This is ground minus one!
    Experment Facility
    Somehow this huge place operated undetected for years
    TRICELL Tanker
    TRICELL Tanker? Couldn't, people said it was too expensive
    TRICELL Assault Bomber
    Wesker commandered this thing, didn't really get too far
    Where should the finale be? An active volcano? Sounds awesome! Punch it in


    Useful as a last resort. Also good for peeling things
    Stun Rod
    Yep. Massive lightning bolts feels like a tickle I guess
    Px4 is so old now, we're all playing the Px5 these days
    The traditional video game handgun returns once again
    The name of that company with all the patents, but backwards
    Terrible at aiming? This is the gun for you. Just spray away!
    One of the many AK-47-esque weapons in the series
    Ithaca M37
    The pump-action shotgun - the last thing many will ever see
    Jail Breaker
    This gun will literally break anything that its aimed at
    Dragunov SVD
    A humongous rifle - aim for the head and you'll be laughing
    You could probably hang all your clothes off of the barrel
    Sometimes, traditional is best. Don't mess with history and all that
    H&K MP5
    I mean it's really great but doesn't last very long. Kinda like me
    H&K PSG-1
    Ever since Metal Gear Solid, this is THE sniper rifle
    Grenade Launcher
    This is for you if you have a poor throwing arm
    A fully kitted out handgun for the marksman
    If you can lift this cannon, you can decimate all the Majini
    H&K P8
    A sturdy and sleek weapon, great for all occasions
    Don't forget to hang it back on the wall once you're finished
    SIG P226
    German handgun used by an American in West Africa
    SIG 556
    This meaty thing has enough juice to take just about anything down
    Rocket Launcher
    Also Available: Fancy heat-seeking warhead version
    Gatling Gun
    It's so huge and heavy, but Chris is 'roided enough to carry one
    Take off one head, two more will take its place. I think thats what happened
    Lightning Hawk
    Apparently named after Tony Hawk's weird rockstar cousin
    Shango Satellite Laser
    It's big, it's heavy but it's payload is Lighter than a feather
    Samurai Edge
    Used by Albert Wesker. Still can't let the past go, can he?
    (Joke) The most powerful weapon in the game. Can destroy boulders