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Resident Evil Zero

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    Resident Evil Zero
    Platforms: GameCube
    PlayStation 3
    PlayStation 4
    Windows (PC)
    Xbox 360
    Xbox One
    Nintendo Switch
    Release date(s)
    : November 21, 2002
    NA : November 12, 2002
    AU: February 28, 2003
    EU : March 7, 2003

    JP :
    July 10, 2008
    NA : December 1, 2009
    AU: January 21, 2010
    EU : January 22, 2010

    Windows (PC)
    PlayStation 3
    PlayStation 4
    Xbox 360
    Xbox One
    : January 21, 2016
    NA : January 19, 2016
    EU : January 19, 2016

    : May 23, 2019
    NA : May 21, 2019
    EU : May 21, 2019
    Directors: Koji Oda
    Ken Sakamoto
    Writers: Noboru Sugimura
    Hiromichi Nakamoto
    Junichi Miyashita
    Producers: Tatsuya Minami
    Designers: Hiroshi Shibata
    Kouji Kakae
    Shigenori Nishikawa
    Programmers: Mitsutaka Emori
    Yoshifumi Hirao
    Yoshitaro Honjo
    Masayoshi Itoh
    Tsutomu Kobayashi
    Hideo Matsumoto
    Tsukasa Murakami
    Tomohiro Ueda
    Composers: Seiko Kobuchi
    Resident Evil Zero was released for the Nintendo GameCube as a timed exclusive, along with Resident Evil Remake and Resident Evil 4. The game functions as a direct prequel and eventually runs alongside the same timeline as the original Resident Evil. The game stars Billy Coen and Rebecca Chambers who are both played simultaneously - the characters are switchable with a button and they share resources and occasionally will be forced to split up in order to progress. An updated HD version which was released on PC and the major consoles at the time, released later with a Wesker Mode that replaces Billy with Albert Wesker, as well as an option for 360-degree controls.

    The game was considered to be a success and it has earned the reputation as being one of the most well-crafted Resident Evil titles to date, with a perfect balance of pacing, puzzles, action and exploration. The character switching mechanic was met with response with some praising the added complexity offered and some others finding the backtracking and limited inventory space a detractor.

    This game was the last 'original style' Resident Evil game (tank controlled characters and pre-rendered static backgrounds) to be produced from the ground up, with Resident Evil 4 coming shortly after, entering a new phase in the franchise.

    Resident Evil 0 has found more recent success as it has been paired with a special bundle which includes Resident Evil HD named Resident Evil: Origins Collection, which finally brought the originals back to a Nintendo platform, namely the Switch.

    Interestingly, Resident Evil 0s first prototype was a Nintendo 64 game and had been scrapped fairly late in development. Photos and videos are out there which shows that it would have been fairly similar looking to the first three Resident Evil games.




    Ecliptic Express
    The sun is going down on this Umbrella train
    2nd Class Passenger Car A
    Hey, even second class is classy on board
    2nd Class Passenger Car B
    I wonder which stop they were waiting to get off at?
    Second Car Passage
    What a mess, where is the steward? They're gonna be busyyyyy
    2nd Class Private Room A
    Did you check the rooms on TripAdvisor first?
    2nd Class Private Room B
    Beds so comfy you'll just want to DIE in them
    Dining Car
    On tonight's menu, Leeches! Lots and lots of Leeches...
    Conductor's Room
    There has been a mix-up, our team is an orchestra!
    Cargo Compartment
    Seems a bit big to be a Compartment. Should be an Apartment
    Rear Deck
    All our trains come equipped with a weird rope gun thing
    Exterior Corridor
    Please keep all (tasty) limbs inside the train, at all times
    Operator Cab
    Operator, give me the number for 9-1-1!
    Plenty of lousy sandwiches and nut packets in here (probably)
    Saloon Car
    Alright, who ordered the GIANT SCORPION? Who was it?!
    Third Car Passage
    This is all quite... overly goopy. What is this gunk?
    1st Class Private Room A
    Not gonna lie, 2nd class seems comfier...
    1st Class Private Room B
    Getting all four walls and a ceiling costs extra
    Fifth Car Roof
    There's a heavy discount on your ticket if you sit here
    Third Car Roof
    Again, this is NOT a toilet. We've called maintenance about it
    Umbrella Executive Training School
    We just cannot make a decent acronym out of this. Sigh.
    Training Facility Hallway
    I like the aesthetic... post-apocalyptic grunge?
    Storage Yard
    Like Scotland Yard, but its just a warehouse
    Training Facility
    Your training school has a training facility in it. Meta.
    Monitor Room
    How can you monitor the place? This room is a STATE!
    Basement Hall
    You kept all this in the BASEMENT? How unusual...
    Worksite Ruins
    Bit weird to call it 'Ruins' if its not even finished. How rude!
    Dormitory A
    Oof, those guys in Dormitory B are so against our A-ness
    Dormitory B
    Screw those Dormitory A guys! We'll give them a B for effort!
    Teenage mutant ninja leeches...? No thanks, I'd rather get a Splinter
    Despite the derailment, Umbrella continue to make the trains run on time
    Monitor Room Corridor
    Just ahead, the worst excuse for a monitor room ever!
    Observation Room
    For those executive trainees that just need a bit more help
    Confinement Room
    This looks an awful lot like a prison cell guys...
    Torture Chamber
    Say what now? I hope this is just for show... Right guys? … Right?
    Boiler Room
    I heard Freddy Krueger likes to hang out in here
    Does anyone know what the Special is for today?
    Garden (Lower)
    There's a garden flower in the garden (lower)
    Umbrella and their fancy main hallways eh? Jeez, change the record!
    Where's that economy grade Chili mix gone?
    Okay, I get it. Our Gender Equality mix is way off... We're working on it!
    Operations Control Room
    This is where the training REALLY happens
    Operations Control Room Hallway
    … This is the way to where the training REALLY happens
    Far too many dead ends in this building. Silly architects!
    Sorry, we only keep Umbrella-related texts in this archive
    Why not just get wasted instead of trying to learn stuff?
    Wine Cellar
    I think I saw a bottle of Sanguinis Virginis in here...
    Bar Hallway
    Crawl your way towards the bar via this room
    Broadcasting Room
    No way, they made Umbrella TV from this very room!
    Conference Room
    "We're sorry, we made a mistake and we will be better" - Umbrella, 1998
    Director's Office
    This is where the director just sits on his ass all day
    Director's Office Hallway
    That is the worst excuse for a rug I've ever seen
    Drawing Room
    Who's idea was it to put that weird tree thing in here?
    Faculty Room
    All the freaks and geeks that run the place chill out in here
    Art Storeroom
    Is anyone keeping an eye on just HOW much Art that Umbrella keeps buying?
    Gas Laboratory
    Oof, I'm sure Willem Dafoe ended up in a room like this once
    Laboratory Hallway
    I'm sure that nobody wants to go to the gas room
    If you're infirm, like super wobbly, this is where you need to be
    Don't be late with returns, they'll send UBCS after you
    Library Hallway
    SHH... Be quiet! Don't even think of Yawning near here
    Assembly Hall
    UMBRELLAS... … … … … … Assemble!
    It's just for looking at some trees and some stars, honest!
    Rearing Pool
    So this is where the sausage is made, so to speak
    Engineering Workshop
    Need to make a contraption of any kind? Try engineering I guess
    There used to be 742 Evergreens in this Terrace. How the mighty have fallen
    Clock Machine Room
    It's not just a clock, it's a clock MACHINE
    Garden (Upper)
    Took ya long enough to get up here, geez Louise...
    Do not stand too close to the edge, that's just too intense for us
    Hallway Atrium (Lower)
    Such an exquisite hallway, what delightful ambience...
    Reference Room
    For future reference, this is where the reference room is referenced in your reference
    Marcus' Boudoir
    I guess it's perfectly fine for Marcus to have a boudoir... With a Skeleton in it
    Collection Room
    All I wanna know is, where are all the POGS and shiny Pokémon Cards?
    Auxiliary Research Room
    Do not tap on the glass. Seriously, you might lose your soul
    Hallway Atrium (Lower)
    I've got a baaaaaad feeling about this place...
    Breeding Room
    Corporate came in here and we had to change the name from SEXYTIME room
    Operating Room
    What were they operating on exactly? A rhinoceros?
    Marcus' Laboratory
    All kinds of hellish experiments were conducted from here
    Unfortunately, this room saw a lot of traffic in its heyday
    Machine Room
    These are MY MACHINES! Mine, mine, mine, mine.. MINE!
    It's basically an extra building off to the side of the main one
    You think God can save you now? Nobody can. Umbrella has you
    Private Chapel
    I don't like to mingle with the common folk, sorry. I'm too special
    Chapel Roof
    I've told you before, this isn't the higher ground
    Marshalling Yard
    HEY, I think I see a huge NEST over there
    Factory Room
    Did you factor in this factory room in your facts and figures?
    Platform B
    No, no, you want Platform B1, that is in a different game
    Elevator Passage
    Kinda precarious all this don't you think?
    Monitor Room Passage
    I swear, that huge turbine thing DOES do something important
    B4F Turntable Room
    Ah, the triumphant turntable room makes a triumphant return
    Umbrella Chemical Plant
    Three words combined that can't make sense
    Arklay Treatment Plant
    Is the mountain water REALLY that bad around here?
    The warehouse, or the Boss Encounter Room as you might also call it
    Central Control Room (Top)
    Ooh, lots of flashy lights and displays for me to stare at
    Treatment Plant Entry
    Please make sure all required PPE is worn at all times
    Upper Pump Room
    Say this room over and over and you've got yourself a bassline
    Central Control Room (Bottom)
    Lets just shove all the excess mainframes in here
    B6 Passage A
    Alright, which one of you stole the door handle?
    B6 Passage B
    I don't think these guys have ever heard of cable ties
    Lower Pump Room
    Eat beans and cheese, you'll be in Lower Pump town if yanno what I mean
    Purification Room
    Our B.O.W.s are triple-distilled for extra violence
    Treatment Plant Restroom
    Restroom? Am I meant to potty in the pool table?
    Treatment Plant Dormitory
    This means that some people LIVED here... Ugh!
    Purification Room Passage
    Follow the railings on your road to purification
    Water Tank Room Passage
    Do I need scuba gear before I enter that room?
    Power Supply & Air Conditioning Room
    I would've just called the room the PSUAC room to be honest
    Water Tank Room
    Nobody told me this room housed an M1A1 water pistol!
    Get outta my yard, you're all a bunch of Tyrants!
    No. 2 Laboratory
    No two laboratories are ever the same...
    B9 Microwave Furnace Room
    I had a tumour, but I was relieved to know that it was B9
    Dam Control Room
    It doesn't control a dam, the guy naming it was just aggressive
    Dam Control Tower
    Again, its just a run-of-the-mill control tower. Really angry guy he was...
    No. 1 Laboratory
    We're number one, we're number one, we're num-AAAGGH- SUPER LEECHES!
    B9 Passage B
    It's a long way to the top if you wanna blow their heads off
    B8 Final Processing Room
    We've finally finished processing that Master B8 thing
    B8 Final Processing Room (Lower)
    Ew, what is that T-001 Tyrant doing out here? Get back in the pod!
    Service Entrance
    Don't look down. Promise me, just- … You looked down didn't you?
    B9 Passage A
    There's water all over this damn dam passageway dammit!
    Reservoir Room
    More like reservoir DOOM... There are bodies literally everywhere!


    It's a trusty knife. Useful in a pinch (or bite)
    Rebecca's Handgun
    Her standard S.T.A.R.S. issued sidearm
    Billy's Handgun
    Mr Coen's default weapon of choice
    It's a shotgun in a video game, whoa!
    Hunting Gun
    Aren't all guns technically hunting guns?
    Like a handgun but for heavy handed people
    Sub-Machine Gun
    Not quite a full machine gun, still deadly
    Molotov Cocktail
    Also known as a petrol bomb in some places
    Magnum Revolver
    Wild-west style shootin' in Arklay
    Grenade Launcher
    If your throwing arm is busted, use this
    Rocket Launcher
    Fires loads of Raccoon-shaped Marvel Characters
    Rebecca's Handgun (C)
    C is for Custom. Made more awesomer
    Billy's Handgun (C)
    C is for Custom. Made more deadlier

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