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Albert Wesker

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  • Albert Wesker
    Albert Wesker
    Debut: RE
    Voice (E): Pablo Kuntz RE
    Richard Waugh REC:V RE0 RE4
    Peter Jessop RE:R
    D. C. Douglas TUC RE5 TDC REV2 RE0
    Voice (J): Jōji Nakata REV2 RE:R RE0
    Age: 49
    Birthplace: USA
    Birthday: 1960
    Blood: O
    Height: 6'3"
    Weight: 198lbs
    Occupation: Tricell Researcher
    Family: Alex Wesker
    Films: RE:Ex RE:Af RE:Re RE:TFC
    Novels: RE:UC REC:V

    "I don't think of myself as a King. No, I am a God! And even Kings bow to Gods!"

    Dr Albert Wesker had a long and storied history in the fields of military forces, scientific discovery, virology, Bio-Organic Weapons research and distribution, and had ties to criminal organisations as well as his front-facing roles in legitimate organisations.

    He was known for his stoic nature, only speaking when necessary with a commanding tone. He tended to wear all black clothing as well as dark sunglasses in all occasions - his eyes were cat-like and glowed red/orange due to the way he was experimented on, so the sunglasses were needed to allow him to blend in. He rarely showed any emotion, only cracking a wry smile when he knew that he had gained the upper hand in combat for example. Ultimately, Albert brazenly lost all of his inhibitions and subsequently his life when he purposely infected himself with a potent sample of the Uroborus virus in a final showdown with arch-rival Chris Redfield but was killed.

    His origins began with Project W - a special project started by Oswell E. Spencer, one of the original founders of Umbrella. Spencer believed that the human race was beginning to lose its edge with too many 'weak' people in modern society and he strived to create the perfect human organism through genetic engineering and introducing the Progenitor virus to the human cells once these humans had reached a certain level of maturity. One of the lead researchers on the project was named Dr Wesker and subsequently every child in the project was given the surname Wesker, in commemoration of his excellent work.

    Many viable children were obtained in various ways, some illegally - and hundreds of them were forced to take part in the various experiments for the project and due to the various traumas and horrifying experiments, unfortunately died. The few that survived were further trained heavily and sent across the globe to work in various industries in order to give them an opportunity to lead a relatively normal life without knowledge of their 'creation', and also as a way for Umbrella to monitor their effectiveness in many different fields and cultures. Two of the subjects were naturally drawn back to Umbrella as the company interested them - Alex Wesker and Albert Wesker - and they both gained employment with the company, under the Umbrella Pharmaceuticals arm.

    Once the "Wesker Children" reached adult maturity, Umbrella continued to monitor them all and then selected the strongest candidates to take the next stage of Project W which is to be infected with the Progenitor virus, which had a reputation for killing mostly everything it came into contact with, but in extremely rare occasions it endowed a person with superhuman abilities. The ideal scenario would be for every Wesker to gain abilities. Thirteen were singled out for the infection, and all of them died apart from Alex and Albert. With his infection with a unique variant of the Progenitor Virus, Albert became superhuman, gaining extreme strength, speed, resistance to damage and super fast healing. Alex had no such changes, but the virus did not kill her.

    Much later in his life, Albert continued with researching the Progenitor virus which was utilised in his creation and subsequent 'perfection' and developed it into a more potent experiment named Uroboros - this acted similar to the virus infection stage of Project W but kill incompatible people to a much larger degree.

    Shortly after he became superhuman, in his work with Umbrella he was assigned to the Arklay Laboratory as a senior researcher and contributed much to the t-Virus Project and also worked on various B.O.W. experiments, including the Tyrant Project - where Umbrella were attempting to create superhuman soldiers using the t-Virus as a base. However things were starting to become strained between him, Umbrella itself, and his close colleague Dr William Birkin because the company were continually putting pressure on the two to create a B.O.W. with better intelligence which was one of the main flaws in their creations thus far. This was down to the particular strain of the t-Virus that they were working with called the Beta II Strain, which soon gave rise to an improved version named Epsilon. Eventually Dr Birkin was transferred out to a different facility called NEST while he researched a different virus named the Golgotha Virus (G-Virus), and the Tyrant Project was stalled by Umbrella, halting Alberts work. He was furious that Dr Birkin was able to continue with his work on Golgotha which was known to be extremely temperamental and unmanageable - whereas he could no longer do the same, despite the Progenitor Virus and t-Virus both appearing to be far more adaptable.

    In 1991, Albert then decided to officially leave Umbrella Pharmaceuticals and because of his impressive track record he had no problem gaining employment in other areas. First he joined the US Army, but at the same time he also retained employment in secret with Umbrella and worked in their secretive intelligence sector as a spy for the company. It was also at this time where he began a brief relationship with a Serbian woman which did not last but it bore a child called Jake Muller which he was not aware of.

    After his 5 year stint in the military, he was assigned a new role by Umbrella in 1996 which was to join the new S.T.A.R.S. division of the local Raccoon City Police Department where he was made a captain of Alpha Team (and also held seniority over the Bravo Team captain) and was soon dispatched to the Spencer Mansion for a mission. Before this, Albert visited the Arklay Laboratory which was a secret facility constructed underneath the mansion to retrieve some T-002 Tyrant embryos - as at the time a t-Virus infection had spread in the laboratory which turned living things into zombies and all subjects had to be destroyed. However during the retrieval, Cerberus B.O.W.s which appeared to be t-Virus infected dobermans managed to escape to the exterior of the mansion and killed innocent people in the surrounding areas which prompted the local Raccoon City Police Department to dispatch S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team and Alpha Team to the area to investigate along with Chris Redfield who would have somewhat of a rivalry with Albert for many years. Also part of the team were Jill Valentine and Barry Burton, both of which also held resentment towards Albert over the coming decade.

    Albert received orders from Umbrella to attempt to draw S.T.A.R.S. members to the remaining creatures roaming the area in order to provide them with combat data with the added side effect that the creatures would then kill them, and this would not raise any suspicion that he was doing anything underhand, as the creatures were extremely strong, resilient and the most likely result of an encounter between them and a human would be the creatures would kill them. He was also tasked with sabotaging any escape attempt - namely Bravo Teams helicopter and also he was instructed to trigger the Arklay Laboratory self destruct sequence once all other tasks were complete.

    At a similar time to the mansion incident, Umbrella also tasked Albert with overseeing the re-opening of a training school for Umbrella Executive staff. However something went wrong and a viral outbreak occurred and the only option was to obliterate the school with explosives. This made Albert seriously reconsider his place within Umbrella and he subsequently agreed to hand over the T-002 Tyrant embryos to a rival company instead of Umbrella as originally planned.

    For his task in the Arklay Laboratory, Albert was given a unique type of t-Virus named Prototype Virus specially created for his genome which would increase his strength even further to give him an edge in battle when encountering the creatures there himself - and he made preparations to unleash a T-002 Tyrant which at the time was being held in containment. However the Tyrant recognised him from his time working for Umbrella Pharmaceuticals on the Tyrant Project from many years before, and angrily impaled him through the chest which would have killed any normal person, but because of his various mutations caused by the layers of viruses in his body, he regenerated, healed and after a short time - he reawakened, eyes glowing bright red with rage.

    After he came to, he realised that the self destruct mechanism was counting down in the Arklay Laboratory, he had limited time to escape and could not retrieve the embryos he had promised to both Umbrella and the rival company and still managed to escape because of his superhuman speed - although he was still reported as dead by Umbrella and S.T.A.R.S. due to the Tyrant attack. While making his exit he encountered Lisa Trevor, a Test Subject who years earlier had been subjected to hundreds of different infections and examinations which twisted her body horribly but she refused to die and continually mutated / with his superhuman strength he managed to escape her clutches and subsequently escaped the area moments before it was destroyed in a huge fireball, killing everything inside and - as far as they knew - burning up any evidence of wrongdoing on Umbrellas part.

    After this, he retreated to the shadows keeping his faked death a secret and he attained employment with the rival company (The Organization) and worked for a division named H.C.F. who were a military arm that specialised in recovering Umbrella research and B.O.W. samples. With Alberts assistance, the H.C.F eventually managed to obtain the Golgotha Virus and the T-Veronica Virus - and with his expertise and inside knowledge the company began to create their own modified variants of existing Bio-Organic Weapons, but not before a confrontation with Chris Redfield at Rockfort Island - and Chris could not possibly have defeatEd Albert in direct combat due to his mutations but did manage to burn his face, which angered him but he soon safely escaped on a submarine.

    Being able to successfully sell these modified B.O.W.s put a huge dent in Umbrellas profitability and the company began its rapid decline, and Albert also began contacting key Umbrella clients attempting to get them to switch their business to the rival company - and in most cases he was successful. Sometime later he was contacted by Jack Krauser who was an injured military veteran who wanted a second start in life and knew that Albert was an important figure in biological enhancement and renewal.

    As the years went by, Albert repeatedly encountered his old S.T.A.R.S colleagues Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine as an enemy and often fought with Albert always having the upper hand and managing to escape. He was also subject to a massive lawsuit between himself and Umbrella USA over the damage caused to their facilities and their businesses caused by his actions, but he submitted proof to the US Government that the t-Virus and all of the virus outbreaks were created and orchestrated by the company. Having to give out billions in compensation to affected families, the company declared bankruptcy.

    One of Alberts last endeavours was with a competing pharmaceutical company named Tricell Inc, where he partnered up with a geneticist named Excella Gionnne, and through him offering up his specialist knowledge of the t-Virus and others, she moved up through the ranks and eventually was appointed CEO and Chief Bio-Weapons Developer of Tricell Africa. During this time, he learned of the existence of the Plaga parasite and the Los Illuminados cult of Spain.

    While working for the H.C.F he sent Jack Krauser on a mission to retrieve a Dominant Species Plaga Egg so he could research its mind-controlling properties as well as the mutagenic features of the parasite. It is also worth noting that around the same time Albert began working as a go-between for The Organization and a spy named Ada Wong - their goals were similar at certain points, such as both being tasked to obtain the Plaga sample, but as the company was so secretive, Wong didn't know that they ultimately all worked for the same unit. For a while Albert acted as liaison for Wong.

    Krauser had failed to return the parasite as instructed, and in fact injected it into his own body in order to reap the benefits, but was ultimately killed when Leon S. Kennedy and Ada teamed up and his body exploded. Still, Albert got what he needed as he simply retrieved a sample from his corpse. Besides, he never fully trusted Krauser to begin with.

    Officially Albert was tasked as by The Organization to hand over the Dominant Species Plaga sample, but he also secretly assigned Ada to retrieve a Recessive Species Plaga for himself - and his ultimate goal was to give Tricell various Plaga samples in order to help them conduct their own research as well as sell powerful B.O.W.s which could be created from them. Albert was given unprecedented access to the very origin point of the Progenitor Virus - a facility was constructed in a cave adjacent to where the virus was first discovered, and for a long time the virus samples could only be reproduced there so it was an extremely valuable site. This caught the attention of Dr Lord Spencer, one of the earliest Umbrella employees who managed to contact Albert and wished to meet - at this stage Lord Spencer was of an advanced age and could barely walk.

    Albert and Excella worked closely with fellow Tricell Bio-Weapons researcher and black market dealer Ricardo Irving in order to set up an underhand trade ring - to ensure that funds kept pouring in without any kind of paper trail or taxes needing to be paid.

    It was at this point where Lord Spencer informed Albert of his origins as part of Project W - until this point he just assumed he was a naturally gifted individual, but this revelation answered many questions he had throughout his life and he finally understood what Umbrella's research was meant for. With little emotion Albert punched him through the chest, but as interrupted by his old colleagues Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine who were by that point working for the B.S.A.A. who had attended the property to arrest Lord Spencer for his crimes against humanity. A brief scuffle occurred which resulted in Jill and Albert crashing through a window and falling into the depths below. Due to his enhanced abilities, Albert was unharmed but Jill was knocked unconscious - and Albert decided to take her back to Tricell and keep her as a Test Subject for their research.

    New research began at Tricell named the Uroboros Project, which would strive to create a new type of virus based on the Progenitor strain that would destroy most people in the world including rival organisations but if a person with the correct genetic makeup were to be infected they would become superhuman, like Albert. Any subject rejected by the virus would end up being horribly mutated and become a monster with writing tentacles.

    Many tests were conducted with hundreds of subjects, and all of them became monsters and were killed as they were rejected by the virus. Jill Valentine however, with her history with the t-Virus, including having a cure administered to her back in Raccoon City Hospital, was completely incompatible with the tests as her antibodies simply fought against the infection. Instead, Albert decided to use her as an agent of sorts and had her constantly injected with performance enhancing drugs which also gave him a degree of control over her, all operated with a chest mounted device which interfaced directly with her heart.

    The continued research into Uroboros determined that it could be fashioned into an airborne virus - and missiles were developed that could launch the material into the upper atmosphere and then detonate, blanketing an entire area and infecting everybody on the ground. This way, forced evolution or horrible mutation and death would occur in 99% of the worlds population over a single day. Albert managed to procure a stealth bomber through his black market links and planned to use it to make a single round-trip, releasing the virus around the world.

    However the B.S.A.A. somehow learned intel of Tricell's research and also heard rumours of Jill Valentine possibly being alive and dispatched Chris Redfield and his partner Sheva Alomar to Kijujj, Africa. Their first mission was to locate and detain Ricardo Irving who was under suspicion of introducing black market Bio-Weapons to the area. The Plaga parasite earlier seen in Spain by Leon S. Kennedy had been introduced there, but there were several unique variants which existed that could have only created by Tricells research. Ricardo transformed himself into a hulking monster by infecting himself with a special Plaga in a desperation move to destroy the B.S.A.A. agents but was ultimately defeated and later Chris and Sheva finally encountered Albert, Excella and a subjugated Jill.

    Jill was rescued by Chris when they entered combat together and he carefully removed the device on her chest which controlled her actions and gave her superhuman abilities. When she came to her senses, she managed to recover and most likely was extracted by the B.S.A.A.

    Excella held Albert was a high regard as he had helped her rise through the ranks in her organisation, and as such had a kind of attraction to him which he did not reciprocate. This frustrated her and ultimately his betrayal destroyed her after he injected her with a sample of Uroboros to distract Chris and Sheva who had followed the pair onto a Tricell tanker where the stealth bomber was hidden. Due to the amount of organic material on the tanker, Uroboros violently rejected her and absorbed all of the material in the vicinity, creating an enormous monster several stories tall - the creature resembled a plant, with many arms and large glowing organs. While this was ensuring, Albert continued with his plans to launch the virus across the world.

    There was no way that Albert could be defeated in one on one combat, as his genetic mutations and viruses made him superhuman. However, he was not infallible - Chris learned of Alberts reliance on a medicinal injection to keep his abilities in check - a compound unique to him called PG67A/W. This medicine was based on the Progenitor strain and was designed to stabilise the cocktail of viruses inside Alberts body, keeping him strong. Chris managed to steal a few doses of his medicine and gave Albert a massive dose which severely damaged him and caused his abilities to recede somewhat - although he was not terribly weakened by this.

    An uncharacteristically angry Albert nevertheless managed to launch the stealth bomber but it was subsequently boarded by Chris and Sheva who after a quick scuffle on board and another overdose of PG67A/W, managed to throw him out of the aircraft into a volcanic area below. Soon after this the plane crashed into the volcano and his world domination plans were destroyed. He entered combat with Chris directly on the ground and in an ultimate desperation move, punched through one of the Uroboros missiles which had fallen from the bomber and infected himself with the virus. The infection took hold rapidly and his upper body was mostly transformed, looking organic and bionic in nature with tentacles and metal parts as part of his body - he began to violently attack Chris but was soon scuppered after a B.S.A.A. helicopter approached the scene and picked up Chris and Sheva.

    Wesker continued his assault, attempting to bring down the helicopter but was ultimately destroyed when he took a hit from a RPG missile which the resulting impact and explosion critically damaged him, knocked him into the lava, and killed him.

    His death sent waves throughout the industry and the B.O.W. black markets, as he was virtually the only consistent advocate for such things for decades. His personal research was also investigated freely after this point where it was found that he was also researching anti-virus weaponry, which resulted in a series of weaponry dedicated to the destruction of B.O.W.s, including the Albert-01 based on his Samurai Edge W sidearm and the Albert-02 Thor's Hammer shotgun which ironically Chris Redfield later used when he worked under Blue Umbrella.

    Albert Wesker was dead after years of tyranny but his research continues to be studied to this day and indeed his later research into extremely effective anti B.O.W. and anti-viral products have both amazed and puzzle as the industry, with it almost being seen as his redemption.​