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William Birkin

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  • William Birkin
    William Birkin
    Debut: RE2
    Voice (E): Diego Matamoros RE2
    TJ Rotolo TDC RE2:R TUC
    Voice (J): Toshihiko Seki TDC RE2:R
    Age: 36
    Birthplace: USA
    Birthday: 1962
    Blood: O
    Height: 5'10"
    Weight: 147lbs
    Occupation: Umbrella Virologist
    Family: Annette Birkin, Sherry Birkin
    Games: RE2 TDC RE2:R RE0 TUC
    Films: RE RE:De
    Novels: RE:CotD
    Dr William Birkin was an expert virologist who worked for Umbrella in the late 20th century. He is credited on many research papers on the t-Virus, and he also lead the research on the Golgotha virus, also known as the G-Virus. The G-Virus was found in a cell sample taken from the body of Lisa Trevor, who was heavily experimented on by Umbrella. It acted very differently to the t-Virus, causing massive changes to a human host both physically and mentally. In ideal conditions, the host would become a stronger version of themselves - but in all cases seen so far, they mutate into horrible monsters.

    After taking his findings to Umbrella, they saw it as an opportunity to improve strength and healing factors in humans, rather than using it to create B.O.W.'s, but the G-Virus was far too unpredictable, so could not be controlled. The amount of test subjects used during the research phase was staggering - so many rejected candidates were disposed of that the biological waste facility ran over max capacity and the machinery began to fail, leaving many bodies infected with the viruses beginning to re-animate and become zombies. Dr Birkin and his team quietly abandoned the facility, and he became increasingly suspicious that Umbrella would soon take all his work for themselves.

    Dr Birkin decided to contact the US military in secret, hoping that the G-Virus would be more appropriate in their care than snatched by Umbrella - but this backfired. Umbrella had the US military in it's pocket, knew what he had tried to do and sent their own Umbrella Security Service after him in order to take his research from him and pass it onto a different research team out of the country.

    Dr Birkin resisted, and began acting erratically. The only course of action the USS could take was to take him out, and he was shot in the chest. However, with his last remaining breath, he injected himself with the G-virus. He suddenly began to mutate into a monster, killing the whole team, and then proceeded to contaminate both the t-Virus and G-Virus into the Raccoon City sewer system.

    Over the course of a few hours, Dr Birkin's mutations became more random, and more pronounced. Five distinct stages of transformation occurred before his death:

    1. Initially, his mutation affected the area where he was shot, as the G-virus attempted to heal that part of the body first. His right arm muscle size increased to absurd levels, where it became so large they tore through his skin. The bones in his arm, and especially in his shoulder also increased in size. The rest of his body is still relatively human at this point and he still retains some of his former self, where he has been seen attempted to control his mutations... Where occasionally a distinctive 'Eye' looking organ opens and closes. He also uses a pipe as a weapon in this form, showing that his body is not yet strong enough in combat. However, the G-Virus is clearly too strong for him, and he will eventually transform out of control and his human side will be lost.

    2. The beginning of a new monster. With his second mutation, his entire body now has begun to increase in size. A new head and brain also develops suddenly from his chest. The eye on his shoulder grows larger, and his entire right arm has become a huge claw. His left arm is also a new growth, with his human arm and his human head beginning to get absorbed by the rest of the body. Dr Birkin is most likely gone by this point, he only remains as the host body. Even in this form he was able to punch through the body of a T-00 Tyrant (Mr. X) and kill it in one blow.

    3. The new mutation is the most 'complete' version of the monster Dr Birkin has turned into. The body becomes more symmetrical, the skin tone darkens, the face appears complete, but very demonic looking and skull-like. The larger arms which mutated first in earlier forms moved further back to allow for two new, more proportional arms to grow, leaving the monster with four arms. Also, the heart relocated to the centre of the chest, surrounded by spikes. This form is the most balanced of all of the mutations. Dr. Birkin's face can still be seen on the left hand side of the torso, but there is no life there anymore.

    4. This next mutation only occurs due to damage sustained. The monster collapses onto four legs, transforming into a quadruped. The spikes which previously surrounded the heart turn into teeth, and the mouth of the monster enlarges in order to be able to feed more. It begins feeding randomly on material from dead zombies, which cause it to grow in a more haphazard fashion. This form is the beginning of how the virus tries to recover with less than ideal material to work with. It is considered a regression - it's largest advantage is speed in this form.

    5. The final form is essentially an even more degraded version of the last. The virus essentially tried to consume as much local biomass as possible, including t-Virus infected creatures. This turned it into what can only be described as a blob. A bloated mass of spikes, teeth, tendrils, fat, wasted muscle, body parts still being absorbed. At it's core was a large eye at the back of it's mouth. This form was defeated by Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy by destroying the entire body in an explosion.

    In theory, the G-virus would have continued to mutate, and grow even more bizarre if it had the opportunity to recover. Thankfully, not even this monster could recover from a huge explosion and destruction of an entire Umbrella facility.
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