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Sherry Birkin

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  • Sherry Birkin
    Sherry Birkin
    Debut: RE2
    Voice (E): Lisa Yamanaka RE2
    Laura Bailey TDC
    Eden Riegel RE6
    Eliza Pryor RE2:R
    Voice (J): Maaya Sakamoto RE6
    Rio Sasaki RE2:R
    Age: 34
    Birthplace: USA
    Birthday: 1986
    Blood: O
    Height: 5'4"
    Weight: 104lbs
    Occupation: DSO Agent
    Family: William Birkin, Annette Birkin
    Games: RE2 RE2:R TDC ORC RE6
    Films: -
    Novels: RE:CotD
    Sherry Birkin is the daughter of two brilliant Umbrella scientists who died at the hands of their own research. Her father William was a high-ranking virologist who became so enamoured with his research into the unstable G-Virus (Golgotha Virus) he decided to try and keep it for himself when the company were concerned with his conduct in his later years. This resulted in UBCS (Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service) swarming down on him and requesting he hand over his research. He refused which resulted in him being shot by a soldier - and he subsequently injected himself with the G-Virus which transformed him into a monster named G.

    Sherry’s mother Annette Birkin was also a high-ranking Umbrella virologist and worked under William for most of her career. The two started a friendship which evolved into a relationship, later they married and then some time after this Sherry was born. However the two were more concerned with their research so Sherry had a lonely upbringing and was somewhat of a timid child.

    Annette was the most family conscious of the two parents. She genuinely cared about her daughter but her research was so important she struggled to make time for both. On her Eleventh birthday her mother gifted her a pendant which also contained a secret compartment with a sample of the G-Virus.

    As her father became a mindless monster, he killed as many as the UBCS agents as he could and then inadvertently contaminated Raccoon City’s water supply with the t-Virus which began a chain of events which caused a t-Virus outbreak, turning thousands of people into Zombies and unleashing Umbrellas experiments into the wild.

    As soon as the news hit the airwaves Sherry was removed from elementary school and placed in protective custody over at the Raccoon City Police Department. For a time this was the safest place in the city - however the outbreak soon overwhelmed the police and the virus contaminated the entire building. She began to hide around the station - because of her small size she was able to fit in tiny spaces and most of the creatures such as Zombies would have the mobility to find her.

    Eventually she was spotted by Claire Redfield who had initially come to the city to find her brother Chris Redfield but ended up becoming embroiled in the tragedy. Sherry was aware of her fathers transformation and as such she warned Claire of the horrors which were ahead. At some point Sherry was abducted by crazed police chief Brian Irons who took her to the nearby Raccoon City Orphanage who had a sick fascination with young blonde women - and he may have also been aware of the G-Virus sample she had around her neck. Brian was on Umbrellas payroll so it could be that he took her to retrieve the sample and return it to the company.

    Claire tracked the two down to the orphanage but William suddenly appeared. In his monstrous form he was compelled to find suitable victims to parasitise and a human with his own bloodline would be a perfect match - so he was drawn to Sherry and because of his strength and her helplessness he managed to implant her with a G-Embryo. Then he turned to Brian and killed him.

    This infected her with the G-Virus. Her health deteriorated rapidly and she began to slowly mutate from the effects. Claire took Sherry to a secret Umbrella laboratory which was connected to an area underneath the RPD and met with Sherry’s mother Annette who helped them find the cure for the G-Virus which was named DEVIL. William soon killed Annette in a brief altercation and so Sherry was now considered an orphan.

    Claire managed to get the cure to Sherry and many of the effects of the G-Virus were reversed. However the effects of the virus were not completely removed - some aspects of her body were completely changed; namely she retained a rapid healing factor. Claire along with Leon S. Kennedy (who accompanied Claire sporadically through the outbreak) and Sherry managed to defeat William and escape the facility on an underground train - and the facility subsequently exploded after a self-destruct sequence was triggered which eliminated all remaining creatures and destroyed any and all research.

    After the incident, Leon took Sherry into his care and the two were placed under protective custody by the US Government. She was used by the government in research as her blood was unique due to the G-Virus effects. The resulting compound was the C-Virus which was an amalgam of many of the Umbrella-created viruses, taking small samples of all and combining them. For a time she also held a role under US-STRATCOM along with Leon.

    After key Umbrella defector and primary antagonist Albert Wesker was killed by Chris Redfield in Africa, waves were sent across the world particularly on the B.O.W. (Bio-Organic Weapons) black market. Also, the news grabbed the attention of Sherry. She felt a large weight had been lifted off her shoulders - for years Albert was in pursuit of her for her gifts. Soon after the news she was offered a role in the DSO (Division of Security Operations).

    Her first task was to locate illegitimate son of Albert named Jake Muller. Because of his unique genes the US government needed to find him and bring him back to the continent in order to take samples from his body. At this point biological warfare was rampant throughout the world so the US needed the very best in order to defend themselves.

    The two managed to meet and ended up on the run from Neo Umbrella - a separate company started with the same goals as the original company which had since collapsed. With their capture the two were experimented on for months by Neo Umbrella who wished to create a stronger version of that C-Virus which could turn the tides and eliminate all others which was named the Enhanced C-Virus.

    After months of agony, Sherry and Jake managed to escaped. She was then contacted by her old carer Derek C. Simmons and learned that he was in charge of an organisation which was responsible for the creation of Neo Umbrella - her was her enemy. It was also then revealed that he caused the death of the US President Adam Benford in a terror attack.

    Sherry and Jake once again managed to be captured in the confusion and were whisked away to an underwater research centre along with Chris Redfield. When they began to try and make their escape they were attacked by Ustanak which was a C-Virus B.O.W. that was created specifically to hunt down Jake - and after a long battle the creature was defeated.

    The team managed to escape the area to safety. Jake handed over a sample of his blood to Sherry - and her mission was complete. With his blood the DSO managed to create a suitable cure for the C-Virus which eliminated virtually any future threat from the virus, cancelling out all of the millions of dollars spent on time and resources.

    Sherry is still alive at this point and is still currently working for the DSO - she may be continuing to research virology like her parents or she could be acting as a remote contact for other agents in the organisation. However her rapid healing ability makes her an important agent to have out in the field.