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Resident Evil Village

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  • Resident Evil Village
    Platforms: Windows PC
    Xbox Series X
    PlayStation 5
    Xbox One
    PlayStation 4
    Release date(s)

    PC, PS5, XX, XO, PS4
    WW: 7th May 2021
    Directors: Morimasa Sato
    Writers: tbc
    Producers: Masachika Kawata
    Tsuyoshi Kanda
    Peter Fabiano
    Designers: Tomonori Takano
    Programmers: tbc
    Composers: Shusaku Uchiyama
    Resident Evil Village (Stylised as "VII.I.age") is due for release on May 7th 2021. It is due for release on the next-generation of consoles (PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X) as well as on PC via the Steam platform. It was also more recently confirmed that the game will be available for the older consoles (PlayStation 4 and Xbox One); the game features hardware Ray Tracing effects which take advantage of the more powerful machines.

    Production of the game began around the time Resident Evil 7: Biohazard was released (2017), and the game is intended to be a direct sequel to 7 - and a particular challenge the developers set themselves was to attempt to create a scary atmosphere in the daytime as well as at night. As Village is a continuation of the previous game, it retains same main characters - Ethan and Mia Winters, it also continues with the first-person camera and similar inventory management - also the game engine is the same. PlayStation VR support has not been confirmed, but it's likely. Capcom Division 1 worked on this game parallel to the development and release of the Resident Evil 2 and 3 Remakes - Division 1 is the main team responsible for all of the key Resident Evil and Devil May Cry games.

    The story of the game has not been completely revealed (and won't be until it's been released) - but what we do know is the game takes place in and around a village under heavy snow in the winter, and it will feature a wide array of different characters throughout the story including an older Chris Redfield who apparently reveals himself as an antagonist (although we fully expect a twist there!) In terms of enemies, there doesn't appear to be any traditional zombies but what has been shown is a werewolf-like monster which could mean a new type of virus or parasite - although witchcraft, vampirism and the occult have also been featured in trailers and in a playable demo so it could be something else entirely. The original incarnation of Umbrella is also expected to make a return in the game as the logo has been featured in media. At current the Umbrella that exists in the game universe is called Blue Umbrella, and is a 'good' company in comparison to the defunct 'Red' Umbrella. Lead characters from the previous game including Ethan Winters and Mia Winters will also feature heavily, with Ethan serving as the player controlled character once more.

    It's also not clear if the game features a full-open world (unlikely) but at the very least the game seems like it could be more open-ended with exploration and a journal system. The game is expected to be the longest Resident Evil title.

    So far three trailers have been released, a handful of development updates as well as a playable prologue Demo named The Maiden demo where you assume the role of a character named The Maiden; it's likely that this will not simply be a section of the full game but rather a separate experience similarly to the Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Demo. For now this Demo is only offered on the PlayStation 5 console as an exclusive sneak-peek.