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Salvatore Moreau

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  • Salvatore Moreau
    Salvatore Moreau
    Debut: REVIII
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    Games: REVIII
    Salvatore Moreau was the leader of House Moreau, one of the Four Houses of a Village in Eastern Europe (Possibly Romania); the Four Houses worshipped Mother Miranda who gifted them with supernatural abilities by administering a parasite known as a Cadou which mutated those it paired with; and in Moreau’s case the mutation was less than optimal.

    He mutated into a monstrous fish-like humanoid, his face and body contorted by numerous growths. This caused him to lose confidence in himself and become self-conscious about his standing with the rest of the four. Out of all of them, he was the one who wanted to impress Mother Miranda the most — unfortunately he was seen by her to be a complete failure and the weakest of them all.

    In most of his appearances, he dressed in a dark robe with a homemade crown atop his head, owing to the fact that he saw himself as king of his own domain.

    Unfortunately for him, he had difficulty controlling his mutations which appeared to occur randomly. Whenever he had an episode, he would disperse a viscous green enzyme which could become so thick that it would block the progress of somebody attempting to pass through it — but it could be destroyed with ballistics or a knife.

    In order to try and impress Mother Miranda, Salvatore conducted his own research into the Cadou by attempting to combine them with other organisms; these all failed — unfortunately for him, his mutated form prevented him from thinking clearly and working effectively.

    His mutation finally spiralled out of control shortly after he encountered Ethan Winters. First, his body began to mutate further with his whole body, especially his back, began to be covered with jelly-like boils and small tentacles. Then, he began to vomit uncontrollably. Finally, he lost all control and then heavily mutated, his body expanding rapidly into a fully fish-like form, the tongue of which featured the top half of Salvatore’s human visage. In this form he retreated to a reservoir — here he was incredibly dangerous and attempted to kill Ethan on various occasions.

    Ethan managed to make it through a gauntlet across the reservoir and into a water control terminal which could affect the water level on the reservoir — when the water was drained, Salvatore was severely weakened and he had to push on through on land; not ideal in his mutated state, but he managed to shamble around on foot slowly, making his way through to a deserted shanty town area not far from the reservoir.

    Here, he engaged with Ethan one-on-one. He used his enzyme abilities to try and block Ethan’s path and also employed a series of huge vomit blasts which could cover an entire area in a damaging acidic rain. Fortunately Ethan managed to find several areas which were covered from the elements.

    In the end, Salvatore was defeated in combat by Ethan which caused his mutated body to fail and expand as the organs which created the enzymes began to overproduce and fill his whole body to the point where it would eventually burst and kill him. His true body then crystallised into a husk which Ethan then tore from the rest of the body.