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  • The Sturm was an experimental creature created by Karl Heisenberg in his Factory; by combining a live Cadou and a massive aeroplane turboprop engine onto a human host, the resulting organism was a crude combination of man and machine, with the Cadou being used to string everything together. The engine was said to be originally WW2-era and was capable of generating around 350bhp.

    The creature was considered a failure by Karl, who experimented on many other people in the same way with most being what was known as a Soldat - where a human host had machinery applied to it along with the Cadou. The Soldat creatures ended up being mass produced by Karls Factory, but on the other hand the Sturm was not. It’s likely that the failure was not destroyed simply because Karl could not do so.

    The Sturm was practically invulnerable due to the sheer size of the turboprop engine - the device essentially replaced the head and torso so that the creature resembled an engine with legs. The creature originally had arms but they were sliced off by the engines blades which had been replaced with three large chainsaw blades.

    The main engine was powered by a large Reactor which could be found on the rear - and this served as the Sturms only weakness; and this weakness was often impossible to see as the creature would charge directly at their target repeatedly, and as the Factory consisted of many narrow corridors and cramped spaces, you would never get behind it.

    Karl himself grew to despise the Sturm, often telling it to shut up and mocking it for only being able to charge. It’s unknown how long he tried to test the design before he ended up discarding it.

    After encountering Ethan Winters a number of times, the Sturm was eventually fought one-on-one in a collection of rooms. As the Sturm charged, Ethan was able to dodge numerous times which led the monster to crash into walls and destroy them, eventually revealing a large open arena where the weakness could be taken advantage of.

    As Ethan began to slowly damage to Reactor on the rear of the engine, it began to overheat and eventually catch fire - the resulting fire began to spread throughout the room. As there was no additional cooling systems on the Reactor nor any kind of fire protection in the Factory, the fire was left to propagate freely. This, along with continued damage from Ethan caused the Sturm to fail and explode.