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  • Luiza was a resident of the Village which is situated somewhere in Eastern Europe. She appeared to run a safe house for the local residents not long after various monsters began appearing throughout the village such as the Lycans.

    She appeared to be fairly wealthy compared to the other residents of the Village, as her home was significantly larger than others and had two floors as well as a loft space. She also had access to a 4X4 vehicle. Luiza was also married but her husband had disappeared before the events of Ethans quest.

    The monsters quickly decimated the Village, killing people, animals and destroying property. Unlike the majority of monsters in the Resident Evil universe, the creatures of the Village had vastly superior intelligence and could work together as part of a group, even advanced techniques such as flanking and ambushes were employed by them.

    Also, a bite from a Lycan meant that the victim would result in an infection, gradually transforming them into another monster. To this end, Luiza sheltered as many people as she could in her gated house just outside the main exterior doorway that led to Castle Dimitrescu.

    When Ethan Winters arrived in the Village, Luiza was the fist friendly voice he had heard on radio broadcast which he listened to inside a local house. It’s clear that the previous occupants had also heard the same broadcast and had gone on to find her. Upon his arrival he was met with suspicion and hostility by the other members of the Village who were being protected as he was the first outsider. However, a larger problem was that some new allies that Ethan had made just outside the gates to Luiza’s stronghold - a young woman named Elena and her father Leonardo - the latter was seriously injured and required medical attention.

    Unfortunately taking in the old man proved to be a costly mistake. He had been bitten by a Lycan and as such he soon began to fly into a blind rage, killing indiscriminately and inadvertently setting the safe house ablaze, and Luiza was one of the first to be killed.​