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  • Nosferatu
    Debut: REC:V
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    Family: Alfred Ashford, Alexia Ashford
    Games: REC:V RES2 TDC
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    Nosferatu was the name given to a monster who was previously named Alexander Ashford. He was given a new name when he was transformed into a monster and had an unfortunate end.

    Earlier in life he was a mid-level Umbrella scientist who through his experience in virology and vast knowledge of the Progenitor virus managed to use DNA from his long passed family member Veronica (who he had an obsession with) to successfully engineer two new children with customised genetics who he named Alfred Ashford and Alexia Ashford respectively.

    As the children became adults, they later learned about their origins as a scientific experiment and became enraged. Alfred in particular wanted nothing more but to hurt his father. The pair began working on the t-Veronica virus which was an enhanced virus based off the research that Alexander was part of. They decided to use their ‘father’ as the test subject to show their hatred towards him. Alfred in particular was furious as he also learned that Alexia was gifted with far more intelligence than himself - his father was one of the earliest researchers at Umbrella to identify which genes govern intelligence so he assumed that he was purposely given less than his sister.

    The nature of the t-Veronica virus was as such that it required a steady development time inside a dormant host body in order for the intended effect to take hold. However, Alexander was given a large dose immediately and was transformed into a vile twisted creature which was most likely in constant agony due to its crazy mutations.

    Alexia herself was planning on injecting herself with the virus but only under the right conditions, so what they did to their father was also seen as a prototype experiment. Later Alexia managed to mutate almost perfectly from the virus, as Mutated Alexia.

    Alfred and Alexia stored Alexander in a secured room near their office, chained up like a rabid animal - in a power play to show that their father was now a failed science experiment. It’s also likely that they viewed him as a trophy of sorts. His creepy cries of pain and agony could be heard from even outside the building which earned him the new nickname Nosferatu - a name which stuck.

    Nosferatu resembled a movie monster, with pale skin and a starved vampire appearance. It was topless apart from various straps which covered its eyes and bound its arms behind its back and it wore tattered trousers in which its legs were again bound together with straps. It’s heart was massive in comparison with a normal human and protruded from a cavity in its chest. It may have been purposely left open as a way for Alfred and Alexia to ensure that the creature could be easily destroyed of necessary.

    Claire Redfield encountered Nosferatu which at first gave her immense surprise as she did not expect to find such an abomination. At first it was secured to its bindings but found a way to release itself once Claire’s companion Steve Burnside accidentally triggered a large machine which allowed Nosferatu a chance to escape — where it then began to give chase and tried to attack Clair

    As the mutations were uncontrolled, Nosferatu then grew enormous spindly arm-like appendages which it could use as a way to move around as well as a way to significantly injure a victim.

    It was defeated when its heart was significantly damaged. It was then obliterated some time later when an explosive charge destroyed the entire Antarcticfacility along with everything else in the area.​