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Alexia Ashford

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  • Alexia Ashford
    Alexia Ashford
    Debut: REC:V
    Voice (E): Leila Johnson REC:V
    Karen Strassman TDC
    Voice (J): -
    Age: 27
    Birthplace: Antarctica
    Birthday: 1971
    Blood: -
    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: 120lbs
    Occupation: Umbrella Senior Researcher
    Family: Alexander Ashford, Alfred Ashford
    Games: REC:V RES2 TDC
    Films: -
    Novels: REC:V
    Alexia Ashford was a brilliant scientist who like her twin brother Alfred was created by her ‘father’ Alexander Ashford where he was able to identify the genes which governed intelligence - and he combined this expertise with the DNA of the family matriarch Veronica Ashford which led to the births of Alexia and Alfred.

    Alexia was gifted with a superhuman amount of intelligence and as such was admired by many people, especially her brother who unlike her was not given as much intelligence - but was still considered somewhat of a genius.

    While Alfred became a military commander, Alexia became an Umbrella scientist who primarily worked on the t-Veronica virus as she was extremely interested in its effects and discovered that if it was used correctly it could endow anybody infected with it superhuman abilities with controlled mutations. If not used correctly it would mutate rapidly and horribly, turning the infected into a raging monster.

    She worked remotely on an Umbrella base in the Antarctic where she researched effects of the virus on various life forms such as the Ant. She also intended on injecting herself with the virus under the right conditions so she could in theory take over the world with the virus.

    Her brother ended up finding a secret room in his home which revealed their origins as experiments. At this point they thought they were naturally born - and this enraged them both but most of all Alfred who was given less intelligence than Alexia. As retaliation, they injected Alexander with the t-Veronica virus which transformed him into the beast Nosferatu.

    They sealed him away and Alexia was also injected with the virus but then cryogenically sealed in order to allow the virus to work through her body correctly. There she began her decade long slumber while Alfred became a reclusive madman without her by his side.

    See Mutated Alexia for further information on Alexia in her post-human state.