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Alfred Ashford

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  • Alfred Ashford
    Alfred Ashford
    Debut: REC:V
    Voice (E): Peter Oldring REC:V
    Richard Cansino TDC
    Voice (J): -
    Age: 27
    Birthplace: Antarctica
    Birthday: 1971
    Blood: -
    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: 136lbs
    Occupation: Military Commander
    Family: Alexander Ashford, Alexia Ashford
    Games: REC:V RES2 TDC
    Films: -
    Novels: -
    Alfred Ashford was the commander of a military base on the remote Rockfort Island with unusual origins.

    He was created along with his sister Alexia Ashford in an experiment by his ‘father’ Alexander Ashford who was a mid-level Umbrella employee who learned how to isolate the specific genes relating to intelligence and used his skills to create two new children using genes from his families matriarch Veronica. The result was not quite perfect, as Alexia had been gifted with extremely high intellect whereas Alfred was only considered a genius - which to him made him inferior.

    Alfred had always viewed Alexia as the perfect being and when he was growing up his stumbled upon a secret room in his home where he learned about his origins which infuriated him. Before this point he thought he was a legitimately born child and not some experiment which had not gone quite to plan.

    He vowed to seek vengeance on his ‘father’ and for years plotted ways to do so. He and his sister eventually injected their father with a sample of the t-Veronica virus which was a type of retroactive virus that heavily mutates organic material if it is not delivered in the correct way. In Alexander’s case, it was delivered incorrectly which caused him to transform into the horrific Nosferatu. Turned slightly mad by what he had done, Alfred sealed away his father and put his sister under cryogenic stasis after she injected herself with the virus in order to protect her in his own mind. This also allowed the virus to propagate inside her body correctly. He then became a recluse, forever hiding away in his mansion - but even masquerading as his sister by dressing in her clothes in her absence.

    He was eventually caught out during a H.C.F. invasion on Rockfort Island which involved a major t-Virus outbreak. He was uncovered by Claire Redfield and Steve Burnside who revealed his true identity as Alfred, and everything came to a head in the room where his sister was being held in stasis.

    Struggling to combat Claire and Steve, Alfred sent various minions to attack the duo including a T-078 Tyrant which was subsequently defeated. Steve pulled the trigger one final time which critically injured Alfred and with his last few moments of life he briefly saw his sister awaken from her slumber.

    Seeing her twin brother dying in front of her was a complete surprise and she sought out vengeance immediately and began a long process hunting down and attempting to destroy Claire and Steve.

    In another other version of the story, Alfred is unharmed by Claire and Steve but is in fact murdered by Alexia who awakens from her sleep and signals her Alexia-Pod tentacles to wrap around his body and kill him. Although this is not considered to be the canon scenario was the siblings were also extremely close, to the point where it is presumed that the two were involved in some kind of incestuous relationship.

    In any case, after Alfreds death Alexia was later eliminated by Claire’s brother Chris Redfield, and their mutated ‘father’ now named Nosferatu was dead - ending the bloodline of the Ashford family. However the legacy of the t-Veronica virus would continue for a number of years.

    The island the the connecting Antarctic base were both destroyed by the outbreaks and later explosions.