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Steve Burnside

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  • Steve Burnside
    Steve Burnside
    Debut: REC:V
    Voice (E): Bill Houston REC:V
    Sam Riegel TDC
    Voice (J): -
    Age: 17
    Birthplace: USA
    Birthday: 1981
    Blood: AB
    Height: 5'8"
    Weight: 150lbs
    Occupation: -
    Family: Mr Burnside (Father), unnamed Mother
    Games: REC:V RES2 TDC
    Films: -
    Novels: REC:V

    "You'll just end up disappointed if you rely on others. Believe me... I know!"

    Steve Burnside was a teenage Umbrella prisoner who was sent to Rockfort Island along with his father when the latter was caught red-handed selling company secrets to the highest bidder. The company sent their security teams after his family and after killing his mother, they captured him and his father and placed them into a remote prison.

    However not long after their imprisonment on the high security island, a H.C.F. team led by Albert Wesker forcibly took over the entire island and caused a deadly t-Virus outbreak along with releasing several experimental B.O.W.s (Bio-Organic Weapons) such as the T-087 Tyrant and the Bandersnatch to disrupt the operations of the entire area. Despite the immense risk of death, Steve managed to break out of the prison he was kept in and remained alive throughout the outbreak and was able to defend himself despite his in familiarity with weapons. At some point he met with Claire Redfield and initially thought she might be a Zombie and attacked her like he had many times before - only realising that she was not infected when she reacted by shooting out his flashlight, which is a tactic that a Zombie would not employ.

    While the two didn’t exactly team up, Steve had access to restricted Umbrella company information and after asking Claire about what she was doing on the Island, correctly deduced that Claire was Chris Redfield‘s sister and told her Chris wouldn‘t come to Claire if he knew where she was as he was apparently under surveillance, and bringing the two together could be devastating for them.

    Later, Steve decided to steal two Gold Luger pistols which were actually part of a locking trap which Claire then had to solve for him To allow him out of the room. The guns themselves were intricately designed and the only ammunition available was already loaded into them. For a while these weapons and Steve were inseparable, and for the longest time he did not fire them until he repeatedly shot at a Bandersnatch to aid Claire, and subsequently he used up all of the ammunition in both guns.

    Without a functioning weapon to defend himself he proposed an exchange with Claire - her Machine Guns in exchange for the Gold Lugers. She accepted, as presumably she had better weapons and defence training, she could perform even without automatic weapons. Once he received his new set of weapons he realised that both guns were empty - a fair exchange, and he soon located spare ammunition for them and later used them on a horde of Zombies and saved the day once again when he and Claire became trapped in a room.

    After their escape, Claire asked about Steve’s family which simply angered him as it only forced him to relive the devastation that Umbrella caused to his mother and father in his mind. Unfortunately a short time later Steve found his father wandering as a t-Virus infected Zombie. Umbrella did not simply kill the man, they also infected him with the virus as a further punishment, leaving him to live out the rest of his days as a shell of his former existence. Though he hesitated at first, Steve used the rest of the ammunition in his Machine Guns to finally put an end to his fathers miserable life. The torment of having to kill his own father took a huge toll on Steve and he and Claire parted ways not long after, and for a while he was not seen again, seemingly acting on his own for a while.

    Eventually he resurfaced when Claire was about to be killed by a deranged Alexia Ashford where he opened fire on Alexia to save Claire where he managed to save her, but was injured himself in the small resulting firefight. After a short confrontation with Alfred Ashford, the two managed to escape the area and made their way to Umbrellas Antarctica base by stealing a plane - presumably one of the only ways to enter and exit Rockfort Island.

    On the Island, Steve and Claire again encountered the Ashford family and after multiple confrontations Steve managed to be captured by a Mutated Alexia who had been transformed by the t-Veronica virus. His punishment was to receive a dose of the t-Veronica virus himself in which he quickly transformed into a large monster named Mutated Steve.

    In this form, he initially succumbed to the effects of the virus completely, stopping at nothing attempting to kill Claire, bursting through walls and equipping a giant two-handed axe. Somehow, Steve was able to counteract the virus, regaining some semblance of his former self and managed to restrain himself - gradually reducing the transformative effects of the virus and returning to his human state - however, he received critical injuries and unfortunately lost his life at the hands of Alexia.

    After his death, H.C.F. located his body and used it as a research specimen so that Wesker could learn more about the t-Veronica virus and take various samples from it. Perhaps the most interesting factor was that there was a distinct possibility an infected person could revert the effects of the virus - something which has not been possible with any other - the closest would be the very first stages of the G-Virus, where William Birkin had been shown briefly reverting the effects of the mutations, but this was only a minor respite and could not really be stopped.

    Steve and his family were never heard from again, his death was presumably the end of his bloodline as his mother and father had both been killed by Umbrella.​