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Mutated Alexia

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  • Mutated Alexia
    Mutated Alexia
    Debut: REC:V
    Voice (E): Leila Johnson REC:V
    Karen Strassman TDC
    Voice (J): -
    Age: 27
    Birthplace: Antarctica
    Birthday: 1971
    Blood: -
    Height: Varies
    Weight: Varies
    Occupation: Umbrella Senior Researcher
    Family: Alexander Ashford, Alfred Ashford
    Games: REC:V RES2 TDC
    Films: -
    Novels: REC:V
    Mutated Alexia is the informal name given to the enhanced form Alexia Ashford took after she injected herself with the t-Veronica virus after experimenting with it for a number of years.

    The virus requires a long period inside a dormant body in order for the effects to take hold correctly. If not the virus will rapidly mutate the body instead which gives it a twisted form. If given enough time, the virus would in theory turn the host into a superhuman with extraordinary abilities. In Alexia’s case, she underwent 15 years of deep sleep to allow the virus ample time to connect with her body perfectly.

    When she awoke from her deep sleep, the first thing she witness was the demise of her twin brother Alfred who was lying dead in front of her. She needed to exact revenge on his killers and with her abilities she was able to detect where they were and subsequently she used her otherworldly powers to take control of various tentacles which sprouted from the ground called Alexia-Pod.

    With the tentacles she managed to capture Alfreds killers - Claire Redfield and Steve Burnside. She decided to perform an experiment on Steve whereby she injected him with the t-Veronica virus, turning him into a monster nicknamed Mutated Steve. The monster was now compelled to kill his former partner, but after a short battle Steve was defeated and unfortunately died but not before being able to fight the transformative effects of the virus himself and he also managed to damage an Alexia-Pod.

    Later Albert Wesker encountered Alexia and in a power play to show how inferior he was to her, she mustered the energy to force a mutation which enveloped her body in fire - a hallmark of the t-Veronica virus. What emerged when the flames died down was a bizarre mutant. Alexia’s skin was now stone grey and her body was partially covered in growths that resembled vines and leaves. This was now her new body and with it she grew even stronger than before. Her blood was now flammable and combusted on contact with the air - and she used this to push back on Wesker when he began to attack her.

    Wesker decided he was in no position to battle her successfully and fled, leaving Claire’s brother Chris Redfield to attempt to beat her. He successfully to injure Alexia enough for her to falter, although this was for a short time only. She recovered quickly and resumed her onslaught.

    Giving chase to Claire and Chris she then mutated rapidly once again, only this time into a strange and unique form. The top half of her human body was placed at the far end of this form, the rest resembled a cocoon. In this state she had even greater control over the Alexia-Pods and could even spawn simple life forms which she could control. She also had the ability to hurl acid from her mouth which was highly toxic and corrosive. This form was a transitional one as she had lost her arms which had now become stumps and a lot of organic material was left in the cocoon.

    Inevitably she was defeated in this form in a firefight between her and the Redfield’s. But she was not finished yet, she mutated one final time with her metamorphosis complete - her body now detached from the cocoon which gave her the form of a mutant dragonfly.

    In this last form she now had full flight capability, as well had a stinging tail. She now had the added ability to hurl fire from her mouth instead of acid. This form was her most dangerous she she could move rapidly and appear unexpectedly. Most importantly however her body was now tough enough to be impervious to regular arms fire.

    Running out of options, Chris managed to locate a device named the Linear Launcher. It was a device that Alexia had developed in order to put a t-Veronica experiment down if she ever wanted to dispose of one. This was the only weapon to destroy her, and Chris knew that.

    He managed to get the weapon to charge which also triggered a self destruction sequence for the entire area. He fired a shot at Alexia which eliminated her instantly.

    The t-Veronica legacy she left behind was taken by Albert Wesker where he managed to collect Steve Burnsides body after his death. A small handful of prototype B.O.W.s (Bio-Organic Weapona) were developed but no ‘perfect’ t-Veronica bonded creature were ever created. Alexia would be the first and the last.
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