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  • T-103 Tyrant
    T-103 Tyrant
    Debut: RE2
    Voice (E): -
    Voice (J): -
    Age: -
    Birthplace: -
    Birthday: -
    Blood: -
    Height: -
    Weight: -
    Occupation: -
    Family: -
    Games: RE2 RE3 RES REC:V TDC TUC RE2:R
    Films: -
    Novels: -
    The T-103 Tyrant is a mass-produced series Tyrant created by Umbrella using the t-Virus and years worth of scientific research and experiments. This Tyrant was designed as their flagship B.O.W. (Bio-Organic Weapon) and unusually for a creature infected with the t-Virus had relatively high intelligence and could exercise restraint as well as interpret instructions.

    Research into the T-103 began with learning from the failings of the T-002 that came before it. The main problem areas were the massive brain damage that occurred due to the t-Virus as well as the uncontrolled mutations. They used the T-002 as a starting off point and later fine-tuned everything until their final product was ready. The researchers working on the project decided to give it the model number T-103 as opposed to T-003 to signify that it was part of a brand new line.

    Their design made them excellent for missions where blending in was important as they more or less had a human silhouette, only standing a few feet taller than the average human as well as having proportional arms and legs. They were also equipped with a Power Limiter which kept their t-Virus mutations in check that resembled a leather coat, boots and gloves.

    Some specific versions of the T-103 such as the one which was sent to Raccoon City Police Department also wore a hat to make them seem even more human-like. That particular Tyrant (which was given the nickname Mr X and given the internal code name as T-00) even had an attachment to the hat where if it was damaged or shot off their head, it would irritate them.

    Like all Tyrants, once the Power Limiter is disabled or lost, a rapid mutation occurs which causes a huge increase in strength with other physical changes such as larger arms with clawed hands and an enlarged heart which tends to protrude from the chest. Negatively the intelligence is reduced so that it can no longer be as calm as it once was, attacking targets ferociously like your average infected.

    Umbrella used the T-103 all over the world. Even rival organisations have used them such as the H.C.F. including advanced versions specially engineered such as the T-087. Umbrella themselves have used the T-103 as a base for more modern variants also such as the Nemesis T-Type, which was a T-103 base body but with a Nemesis parasite implanted as well as various other experimental changes.

    All in all, the T-103 is remembered for its closeness to what Umbrella was always striving to do - create a viable super solider which could follow instructions, but it’s tendency to lose control when damaged was an enormous disadvantage. Essentially in its undamaged state it is virtually impervious to small arms fire and even explosives such as grenades and rockets. There is a short recovery period the creature enters once it sustains enough damage this way but this does not show a weak point which is usually the case.

    The most famous example of a T-103 being defeated in its first form was when Dr William Birkin who was slowly mutating into a horrifying creature simple named G - punched a hole through its chest which caused it to become incapacitated. The creature was inactive for a short time until the mutations started to occur - the resulting form was more Zombie-like, with the jaw seemingly missing.

    However, due to the reduced intelligence in this form it was far more susceptible to attack, plus its exposed heart plus other skin and muscle deformities served as weak points. This model was ultimately defeated by Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield by a missile.

    The UBCS leader Colonel Sergei Vladimir also commanded his own small unit of T-103s, with a specialised lead unit code named Ivan. This particular Tyrant was customised with slightly different Power Limiter and wore a head mounted display which resembled a pair of sunglasses. The display offered Ivan live combat data and other assistances which, along with other improvements have the B.O.W. the intelligence to use firearms, although it was later defeated by Albert Wesker who by that point had far superior strength and intelligence.

    Later variants of the T-103 were used by the H.C.F. which under the leadership of Wesker had access to a handful of them and used at least two variants when they attacked Umbrellas base on Rockfort Island.

    Multiple T-103s were defeated by a rail cannon weapon also in a disposal plant situated in a facility called NEST-2 which was under Raccoon City. A large number of corpses were found in and around the area where the weapon was housed. These bodies were later consumed by a heavily mutated Nemesis T-Type which was forced to reconstitute itself with subpar organic material when it was scorched to oblivion by an acid bath.

    As Umbrella fell, almost all research into the T-103 stopped and only a handful of other projects were continued, but ultimately the T-103 Tyrant range was discontinued, although its legacy stands strong to this day.
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