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Nemesis T-Type

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  • Nemesis T-Type
    Nemesis T-Type
    Debut: Resident Evil 3: Nemesis
    Voice (E): David Cockman
    Voice (J): -
    Age: -
    Birthplace: -
    Birthday: 1998
    Blood: -
    Height: -
    Weight: -
    Occupation: -
    Family: -
    Games: Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, Resident Evil 3 (Remake), Resident Evil Survivor 2 Code: Veronica, Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City
    Films: Resident Evil: Apocalypse
    Novels: Resident Evil Nemesis


    Nemesis was the name given to a prototype Bio-Organic Weapon which was based on the T-103 series Tyrant that was was further mutated by introducing a T-Type Parasite (somewhat related to a Plaga).

    It was created using the same clone embryos as other T-103 Tyrant models in entirely Laboratory conditions using the latest experiments in t-Virus research, as well as introducing a newly engineered parasite nicknamed the Nemesis which harmonised with the viruses and mutated the creature into a brand new beast. Internally the creature was named Pursuer.

    Like the T-103, the Nemesis had the intelligence to understand and interpret commands from Umbrella - and could also be issued new orders via remote signal on the fly. This B.O.W. was one of the most technologically advanced experiments that was ever sent out into the wild. As far as Tyrants go, Nemesis was one of the smartest - it could handle large weapons it has been trained to use such as Rocket Launchers, Flamethrowers and Miniguns with ease and was deployed with these weapons. It's highly likely that the creature would have been able to use other weapons if it had to procure them, as they tend to function with a trigger which it would recognise.

    It also had limited speech capability, where it would vocalise its current objective occasionally. The greatest example of this was when it repeated the phrase "Stars" to mean S.T.A.R.S. Team members when it was deployed into Raccoon City in a mission to eliminate all remaining members including Jill Valentine, Brad Vickers among others. It was capable of making decisions by itself also as it had been observed killing and parasitising other creatures if it felt as if there was any advantage in doing so.

    Nemesis also had a tentacle which it could use as a weapon and as a traversal aid - it was strong enough to kill a person and had the ability to infect organic material with either the t-Virus or implant them with a Nemesis-Type Parasite. It also used the tentacle to cover large distances by extending it onto a far away object and then retracting it, pulling itself along.

    Although Nemesis is based off the Tyrant project, it's not necessarily referred to as a Tyrant. Unlike most Tyrants at the time, the creature retained many of its human hosts aspects such as hands, fingers and relatively healthy tissue. It also had its body covered in a heavy duty wrapping named a Power Limiter to reduce the change of random mutations occurring which happened with most powerful B.O.W.s. The Power Limiter itself was powered by a device which attached to the chest area and would also double as a health monitoring device - Umbrella could also remotely administer hormones and other performance enhancing substances when necessary.

    Jill Valentine encountered the creature during her escape of Raccoon City and managed to escape it on various occasions - however as it was an unstoppable monster built for pursuit, it caught up with her dozens of times and the most damage that could be done would simply stun it for a few moments while it quickly regenerated.

    It's long road to destruction began once it's flamethrower was damaged and due to the resulting fuel leakage plus other explosives set in the area it was in, it was set alight which damaged the Power Limiter - this essentially caused the creatures mutations to take over and attempt to repair the damage more directly. Nemesis retreated into a lake in order to put out the fire and later emerged as a different monster - it was now much larger, much more dangerous and it's body had changed drastically from a bipedal to a quadruped - sprinting on all fours and now having clawed 'paws' rather than hands or feet. It's intelligence took a nosedive after this mutation also and it's most likely that it could no longer be controlled and mainly acted on instinct, although it still maintained it's assault on Jill Valentine which may mean their last instruction was also in their memory.

    It was around this time where Nemesis managed to infect Jill with a parasite which would eventually infect her with the t-Virus was well as introducing a parasite to in her system which would take over her body if allowed to mature.

    Nemesis continued to mutate and evolve no matter how much damage was being caused, it could recover lost limbs or even a complete bodily destruction from corrosive acid. It survived this by consuming all biological matter it could find in the area - which happened to be lots of low quality organisms such as dead t-Virus infected zombies, decaying remains of T-103 Tyrants and other waste material. This transformed Nemesis into it's last incarnation - an abominable mass of body parts and tissue, held together by a parasitic core. In this form, the creature still held some intelligence and continued to perceive Jill as it's target. However, it happened to find itself in a room designed for testing an experimental rail cannon which was named FINGeR (Ferromagnetic Infantry-use Next Generation Railgun).

    This weapon was powerful enough to decimate Nemesis in it's most mutated state - it could take several hits from the weapon but was eventually utterly defeated when the barrel of the weapon was inserted into it's mouth and fired, which shot a large hole through it's entire body as well as the whole rest of the room behind it.​