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Sergei Vladimir

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  • Sergei Vladimir
    Sergei Vladimir
    Debut: TUC
    Voice (E): Patrick Seitz TUC
    Voice (J): -
    Age: -
    Birthplace: -
    Birthday: -
    Blood: -
    Height: 6'7"
    Weight: 243lbs
    Occupation: Umbrella Executive
    Family: -
    Games: TUC
    Films: -
    Novels: -
    Sergei Vladimir was born in the U.S.S.R. and lived his childhood fairly typically under the Soviet rule; when he came of age he was conscripted to the Soviet Military and worked his way up to the rank of Polkovnik (A Soviet Military rank which translates roughly to the rank of US Colonel).

    He became involved in the more scientific side of the military and was involved in a project based upon human cloning - his body was used as a template and ten clones were born; by altering the growth hormones in their bodies they were artificially aged to resemble Sergei’s age and then given a gruelling education in order to get them up to speed quickly. The project was an enormous success and the clones were all used in Sergei’s unit.

    After the fall of the Soviet Union, the military fell into disarray and all secret projects were halted before they fell into the wrong hands. Sergei was now back at square one in a now unfamiliar country - but along the way he did meet Nikolai Zinoviev and the two forged a long-lasting friendship.

    Feeling at a loss, he was contacted by Umbrella who were aware of his military skill and also his cloned ‘sons’ - the company were looking for suitable experts to join their UBCS (Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service) which he and Nikolai accepted graciously. When the company conducted a required physical exam they found that Sergei was compatible with the t-Virus Epsilon strain that they had been experimenting on heavily, thus his genes were perfect for the Tyrant Project (Super-soldier B.O.W.s - Bio-Organic Weapons). He then had a choice - either keep his clone unit for himself or hand them over to Umbrella to allow them to conduct experiments on them; he reluctantly decided to hand them over, citing that advancement in super-soldier research was best for the company.

    His involvement with the Tyrant project was largely a success; when he joined Umbrella had so far produced the T-001 and the T-002 models and they had many key disadvantages which made them unviable as a product - he aimed to solve these problems once and for all and through a lot of trial and error the company managed to produce prototypes which were smarter, more resilient and could take orders; in particular one which was still in the research phase based in the Arklay Laboratory named T-011 “Talos”.

    However there was also an internal power struggle at this time between Vladimir, Albert Wesker and William Birkin; three brilliant minds with three incredibly different projects and different ways of working. The three had a strained working relationship, particularly as Sergei had control over his Monitors which were UBCS units that had the power to eliminate any Umbrella colleague that could potentially leak any evidence of the company’s experiments. Monitors were part of a standard UBCS team but were secretly given additional objectives to complete in secret; other members on the team would not be aware of

    After the t-Virus outbreak that happened in the Arklay Laboratory, Sergei had to return there to retrieve all the data for the T-011 but he did not go alone; he travelled with two T-103s which were configured to follow his commands. Sergei made it through the Spencer Mansion and Arklay Laboratory relatively easily and managed to acquire everything he needed; his T-103s protected him throughout and he then returned back to Umbrella.

    After the Spencer Mansion outbreak had been resolved after S.T.A.R.S. teams were sent and only a handful of survivors made it out alive including Albert Wesker, UBCS were mobilised once again to the neighbouring town of Raccoon City which also fell due to Ant-Virus outbreak. This time the virus spread through the water supply so almost everybody alive in the city became infected.

    Due to a handful of Monitors being part of the UBCS teams, Sergei decided to use the crisis as an opportunity to evaluate the monsters which were out there in particular the Nemesis T-Type which was sent into the city in order to hunt down and kill any remaining S.T.A.R.S. members which survived the Spencer Mansion incident. With enough combat data he could then narrow down the most effective and then try to improve them. The Monitors were also instructed to either procure or destroy any evidence of Umbrellas research - this sometimes meant they went out of their way which puzzled other members of the team.

    Unfortunately for Sergei and the company, the outbreak was far worse than they could have realised; the UBCS were decimated by the horrors in Raccoon City; only a handful survived. He decided to send two T-103s into Raccoon City himself, one of which was the one Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield encountered in the Raccoon City Police Department building and then he relocated himself to a locked down facility in order to assume remote control of the remainder of his forces.

    After the Raccoon City incident, the city was destroyed by the US Government; then information began to leak out about Umbrellas true nature which caused the government to point the finger at them for all of the recent atrocities. The company spent billions attempting to defend itself but at every turn they were defeated; the company fell into complete disarray and in one last-ditch attempt to right the ship Sergei relocated once again to an offshore production facility and it began to mass-produce failed experiments and sub-par B.O.W.s in order to sell them on the black market. These products were nowhere near the kind of quality Umbrella were attempting to produce before their demise and were simply designed to be a cash-grab. Talos research also continued here but to a much smaller degree than before.

    Inevitably a t-Virus outbreak occurred in the facility meaning all production halted and B.O.W.s escaped from their holding cells. Albert Wesker also made an appearance and by this point had been granted with superhuman strength due to a mutation he received; he took care of all of the creatures that got in his way including Sergei’s two T-103’s. There was no way that Sergei could let Albert take his research but there was also no chance he could best him one-on-one, so he had little choice but to infect himself with a strain of the t-Virus which he knew his genes were compatible with.

    Sergei was coming to the end of the road; he mutated into a grotesque monster with a unique physical characteristic where his arms joined together into one enormous claw which could cause a devastating amount of damage. However he was defeated by Albert who had superior tactical abilities - Sergei defied all the odds till the very end but ultimately became unstuck - his role in Umbrella was finished and the company was soon wound down to nothing after the dust settled. Albert managed to retrieve enough research data that Sergei had been working on to keep for himself.