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T. Rex

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  • Tyrannosaurus Rex
    Tyrannosaurus Rex
    Debut: DC
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    Games: DC DC2 DC3
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    The Tyrannosaurus, more specifically known as the Tyrannosaurus Rex or (T. Rex for short) is a large dinosaur from prehistoric times and was thought to have existed up until around 70 million years ago until a mass extinction event occurred in which all dinosaurs died out. The T. Rex, along with various other dinosaurs managed to escape into the future due due to experiments relating to Third Energy - as a result of the experiments, a rift in space-time occurred which allowed the creatures along with flora from that time period to be transported to the modern area.

    The T. Rex is physically enormous, massive and is seen as the apex predator and scavenger of its time and one of the strongest dinosaurs; they are also commonly depicted to be extremely aggressive towards all creatures, even other dinosaurs. It's presence can be felt from a distance due to its thunderous footsteps that can literally shake the earth.

    On Ibis Island, a lone T. Rex hunted the S.O.R.T. team one by one, starting with Cooper who was chased by the dinosaur and quickly devoured. It also killed anything else in its path. Interestingly, this T. Rex endlessly pursued Regina throughout her mission despite the fact that she evaded it many times; not once did the creature lose interest. It's also worth mentioning that the dinosaur was able to navigate man-made environments such as hallways, elevator shafts and it also identified a helicopter as a target and engaged with it whilst it was in mid-air.

    Unfortunately for the T. Rex, its seemingly mindless obsession with Regina would also be its downfall; it took the full brunt of a large electrical shock from an uncovered electric generator which rendered it unconscious for a time, more than enough for Regina and her remaining squad to escape the island entirely. It was later presumably destroyed when the Third Energy device exploded.
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