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  • HUNK
    Debut: -
    Voice (E): Keith Silverstein TUC TDC M3D REV ORC REV2 RE2:R
    Voice (J): Masaki Terasoma TUC TDC M3D REV ORC REV2 RE2:R
    Age: -
    Birthplace: -
    Birthday: -
    Blood: -
    Height: -
    Weight: -
    Occupation: UBCS Team Leader
    Family: -
    Films: -
    Novels: -
    HUNK is an enigmatic UBCS (Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service) soldier who consistently performs his duties at an exemplary level. Often times he is the last left standing after difficult operations which earned him the nickname Grim Reaper by his colleagues. His past is shrouded in mystery but it's most likely that he was hand picked by Umbrella after monitoring him and then brought him to their elusive training centre at Rockfort Island. He is extremely skilled in military operations of all kinds and prefers to wear full combat gear including a gas mask which hides his appearance and ethnicity.

    His first major operation involved retrieving Dr William Birkins research on the Golgotha virus (G-Virus) which included various samples of the experimental virus itself. HUNK and his team apprehended Dr Birkin and asked him to hand over the research, but he stubbornly held onto it citing that the virus was his as he was the one who discovered it and thus had an emotional attachment to the work. A member of HUNKs team presumed that Dr Birkin was starting to get aggressive and was about to pull a gun from his lab coat and fired a few rounds at him, critically injuring him. HUNK saw this action as insubordination as he had not authorised any deadly force, their mission was to retrieve the virus only. The team then collected all the research and all the samples they could find and began to make their way to an exit.

    However, Dr Birkin had kept a sample of the G-Virus on his person and injected it into himself, which healed his injuries but also began a long, twisted process where his body would continually mutate and evolve into a monster and the doctor would eventually lose his conscious self and be replaced by the G-Virus monster entirely, simply named G. The monster sought out the team in a fit of vengeance and killed every member apart from HUNK and one other named Miguel who was wounded by the creature but managed to survive the attack.

    HUNK then later made his escape whole Raccoon City became victim of a t-Virus outbreak as Dr Birkin had contaminated the water supply and although all of his potential evacuation helicopter options had either been cancelled or the pilots had been killed in action - he made his way through the Raccoon City Police Department building, battling countless Zombies and other B.O.W.s (Bio-Organic Weapons) along the way, where later he managed to successfully deliver the research.

    After the Raccoon City incident, HUNK was dispatched to an Umbrella base in Antarctica and tasked to oversee and deliver a package to Rockfort Island. He was not permitted to know the contents of the package leading him to wonder whether what he was transporting was a B.O.W. or some other Biohazard material - he argued that he should really know what he was moving due to the fact if anything happened to the package he would know how to deal with it. Alas, he was refused access to this information and begrudgingly accepted the job.

    After Umbrella crashed and burned he became somewhat of a free agent as he was now essentially made redundant. It’s not known exactly what happened to him but it is likely that he has become a mercenary for a high price.