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Doctor Zombie

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  • Doctor Zombie
    Doctor Zombie
    Debut: REC:V
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    Games: REC:V
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    Doctor Zombie was the ‘affectionate’ name given to a specific Zombie who in his former human life was an anatomist under the employ of Umbrella who worked in medical facilities at Rockfort Island.

    Before his infection he suffered from paranoid schizophrenia and had extremely sadistic tendencies. He was a serial killer as he commented that he enjoyed watching people die, and commander of the island Alfred Ashford was fully aware of what was happening and even allowed his horrible procedures to continue under lock and key.

    After he murdered his victims he then dissected them. With his last victim he suffered a severe leg injury which then resulted in him getting infected with the t-Virus. His change was fairly rapid, as when he was found as a Zombie he was still wearing an in tact doctors outfit complete with spectacles and was feeding on his victim, still on the operating table.

    Due to him feeding on the victim he passed the infection which re-animated the body. When Claire Redfield managed to enter the doctors room they both started to engage her but were defeated easily - they had no enhancements over any other Zombie.

    In the novelisation by S.D. Perry, this doctor is given a unique name and more of a backstory (non-canon) - Dr Enoch Stoker.