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  • Pig
    Debut: RE4
    Voice (E): -
    Voice (J): -
    Age: -
    Birthplace: -
    Birthday: -
    Blood: -
    Height: -
    Weight: -
    Occupation: -
    Family: -
    Games: RE4
    Films: -
    Novels: -
    The Pig is a farm animal which are commonly raised for their meat, as well as their uncanny ability to find truffles in the ground.

    Leon S. Kennedy encounters several pigs throughout his time looking for Ashley Graham in a region of Spain, with most of them found in the Windmill Farm area, between the main village square and the Village Chief's estate. They don't appear to be infected with Plaga and they can be safely ignored.

    In fact, they appear to be extremely calm, even if there is gunfire - pigs can be seen loafing around, resting for several minutes before getting back up again and wandering around.

    If Leon chooses to, he can kill them if he wishes - but this does not gain anything and actually irritates the other animals.