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Helena Harper

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  • Helena Harper
    Helena Harper
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    Family: Deborah Harper

    "It's all my fault. I... I did this."

    Helena Harper is the older sister of Deborah Harper; they both lost their parents at a young age and were forced to look after one another through to their adulthood. While Deborah ended up studying at university when she grew up, Helena joined the C.I.A. as an agent.

    At first, she gained a reputation for having poor conduct with various negative reports in her file, including attacking suspects and even shooting Deborah’s abusive ex-boyfriend. After many reprimands she was about to be shown the door, but in a last act of compassion from her employer she was offered a temporary role in the US Secret Service with the view of her ascending to the D.S.O. (Division of Security Operations). Unfortunately for Deborah, her new role in the Secret Service had her embroiled in a plot to murder the US President Adam Benford; she was scouted by Derek C. Simmons, a Presidential aide who was also head of The Family who had planned an assassination of the President.

    She and her sister were both captured by The Family and threatened with their Iives if they didn’t co-operate. She reluctantly agreed to the terms and caused a distraction in the Tall Oaks University where the President was about to give a speech. From here, a C-Virus cloud was dispersed into the air which infected everybody that breathed it in, including the President. Helena tried to convince others over the radio that something was awry, but she was dismissed by her colleagues who were familiar with her poor history; unfortunately for her almost everybody was infected.

    Later, the President stumbled to an office where he tried to recover but unfortunately he would never have made it. Leon S. Kennedy teamed up with Helena to locate him and when they encountered him he was already beaten by the virus; Leon and Helena had to kill him. Now, unable to explain her role in the Presidents death she insisted that Leon accompany her to where her sister was imprisoned to find the truth.

    On their way to the Church, they ran into many obstacles chiefly of all was Leon’s unwillingness to sit idle while people needed help which to Helena only delayed her opportunity to rescue her sister much to her chagrin. The duo encountered many C-Virus creatures such as the J’avo but also met survivors along the way such when they were leaving the University campus they found a young student named Liz and who was looking to be retinitis with her father (Liz’s Father) who worked there. Unfortunately they were infected and had to put put down; Helena was at first uncomfortable with killing those who had just seemed so alive but Leon continued to pressure her on eliminating infected, no matter what. This paid off as later she did not hesitate when they were surrounded by a gang of Zombies; she helped Leon shoot them and get to safety.

    Later the duo made their way to the Tall Oaks subway where they encountered a woman trapped in a subway train who was pleading with them to help her escape so she could find somebody named Peter. Once again, Helena protested about interfering as it would only hinder their progress. Alas, Leon being who he is, he found a way to open the door and let the woman out. Unfortunately in her haste the Subway Passenger ran head first into a batch of Zombies who killed her instantly. However, Leon and Helena were able to use the woman as a distraction while they edged past the Zombies to make their own escape from the subway.

    They pressed on through the city until they met another group of survivors; only this time Helena unusually took the step to assist them. Nancy and her boyfriend Peter, along with a rookie police officer (similar to how Leon began his role in the RPD) needed support both emotionally and physically and they survived long enough to find a Bus Driver who was prepared to take them to the Church. Peter subsequently lost his life when he broke off from the team after stealing Nancy’s gun when his failed on him; he was caught out but the rest survived for now.

    On the road to the Church, the bus collided with bodies in the road and almost slid off a cliff edge. It was at this point where Helena learned of Neo Umbrella who were taking credit for the attack on the President, which prompted Derek C. Simmons to begin investigating himself why his scapegoat (Helena) wasn’t to blame. Unfortunately for everybody else, they lost their lives in the crash either from trauma or by being consumed by Zombie. Leon and Helena however left the bus relatively unscathed; it was here that they finally made it to their destination - the Church.

    After gaining entry, Zombies soon began to swarm the area. Getting help from some survivors in the church, they managed to barricade themselves in and provide enough firepower to drive back the infected. Inside the church was a difficult array of puzzles in order to get to the place where Helena was being kept; in an underground laboratory. Once they made their way inside the lab, they discovered evidence of Derek C. Simmon’s work on an Ada Wong clone which turned out to be his colleague Carla Radames; but when Leon first saw the evidence he assumed it was the real Ada Wong which was a complete surprise to him. It looked to him like his friend and part-time colleague was a creation rather than a natural being. He asked Helena if that was what the journey was all about but she insisted that she had never even heard of Ada Wong before and she had to trust him to move forward with her.​
    After proceeding down into some caverns, the two eventually stumbled on their destination; they had found Deborah Harper, Helenas sister. She was in an unfit state, slipping in and out of consciousness and so Helena took her sister over her shoulder in a rescue attempt. However, something was wrong - after a short time Deborah’s body temperature began to rise rapidly to extreme levels which caused her intense pain. Then, the heat became so intense that her body set on fire and then a chrysalis formed around her; this was one of the C-Virus effects. After this the cocoon broke open and emerged a mutated Deborah.

    A gentle metamorphosis was not to be, as a lone arrow was launched into her head from an unknown source. Leon and Helena turned to see Ada Wong standing behind them - exchanges were made but there was no time, the cavern began to collapse and Deborah started to mutate further; at this point her previous humanity had left her and she was just another C-Virus monster. Enormous insect-like limbs has sprouted from her back which she could use to attack and manoeuvre herself. Helena tried in vain many times to try to tap into her sisters humanity, but it appeared to be lost; Deborah no longer spoke, only shrieking and growling.

    Leon, Ada and Helena had to fight the mutated Deborah which resulted in a long battle which ended in the death of Deborah who fell down into a chasm; Helena managed to grab her hand to try and save her from falling initially but she could see that there was nothing left of her, it was just a monster. Reluctantly, she was let go - ending her suffering. Helena now had to live with the complete loss of her sister; she still had a mission to complete with Leon and now Ada working in partnership.

    Now everything was out in the open, Helena told Leon and Ada everything she knew about Derek C. Simmons and their involvement in the bioterrorism attacks, including the death of US President Adam Benford. Leon was then contacted by his remote partner Ingrid Hannigan where he relayed this new information to her; unfortunately Derek was listening into the conversation and so heard everything. Using his position in The Family and the US Government he pointed the finger at them being the terrorists which now meant that they were both considered fugitives. After ending the call, Helena and co. vowed to now confront Derek and set the record straight.

    They escaped from the collapsing caverns area and made out outside to an area which gave them a full view of Tall Oaks; and they could see that the entire city was falling. This was extremely bad news as it was the best source of information needed to prove that Derek was the instigator of everything - and now it all appeared to be lost. They learned from Ingrid that Derek was bound for China; they asked Ingrid to fake their deaths so they could travel freely without much concern: they had to follow him and hope that a face to face confrontation would set everything straight.