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Deborah Harper

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  • Deborah Harper
    Deborah Harper
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    Family: Helena Harper
    Deborah Harper was the younger sister to government agent Helena Harper. They both had a fairly normal upbringing until one fateful day their parents both died and they had to rely on each other through to adulthood; this was largely successful as Deborah managed to land a spot in University while her sister was doing well in her government role.

    Unfortunately things took a turn for the worst when Deborah got locked into a difficult relationship with a boy who became abusive towards her; so much so that he physically assaulted her in various occasions. Everything came to a head when he injured Deborah so badly that she wound up in hospital. When Helena learned of this, it was the last straw. She fought back at the boyfriend and shot him. For everyone’s sake, this turned out to be an extremely poor choice.

    Some time later the two sisters were captured by Derek C. Simmons who had an ear to the ground in the US Government but was also the founder of The Family and were responsible for causing bioterrorism attacks. Derek had decided that Helena would make an appropriate scapegoat for his plans; taking Deborah had the added effect that it would make it easier to pressure Helena into going along with his scheming.

    He forced Helena into a conspiracy to kill the US President Adam Benford - hoping that he would release Deborah if she followed his instructions. Unfortunately this was not the case; despite everything Deborah was set to be used as a test subject for the C-Virus which The Family were still studying at great lengths; they were curious what it would do to an otherwise healthy female specimen and so she was injected with a sample.

    Expecting Deborah to undergo a gruesome transformation as it had done to so many others; they were disappointed. For at least an hour they studied her and saw no changes whatsoever. After a short time The Family decided to leave the area considering her a failed experiment.

    Much later after Leon S. Kennedy had teamed up with Helena, they found Deborah deep in the Tall Oaks Cathedral lying on a table. It was at this point that Deborah began to show symptoms of the C-Virus and things rapidly deteriorated for her. It was clear the point of no return was now coming fast; it’s unknown why it took a very long time for the virus to take effect.

    Suddenly she shrieked in pain and the extremity of it stopped her in her tracks; then her body set alight along with an aura of distinct energy - then she entered a chrysalis state where she was cocooned. Then, the shell cracked open revealing a mutated Deborah; her body was now grey and covered in mucous. Ada Wong quickly stepped in while the others watched on; she fired her gun point blank at Deborah’s head hoping that it would end her quickly. Seemingly defeated, she fell to the ground causing Helena to run toward her and hold her.

    However, Deborah suddenly re-awakened once more and mutated further, leaving her with insect-esque appendages sprouting from her body and deep red veins across her body. A battle had now started between her and Ada, Leon and Helena; the latter was reluctant to hurt her sister but at this stage the virus had taken her fully and Deborah would kill everyone given the chance. So after some convincing, Helena joined the fight. She reasoned that it would be the best thing for Deborah, it’s what she would have wanted if she had a choice.

    Deborah later lost her footing and fell to her death when she was heavily damaged by the trio. Ada destroyed her extra appendages which caused her to stumble in a dizzy state. As she started to fall, Helena quickly grabbed her arm and told her that her death would be avenged before releasing her and letting her fall. It seemed only right that her sister would be the last one to speak with her and one to end her life given the circumstances.

    Her unfortunate transformation and death were avenged after the team destroyed Derek C. Simmons after a lengthy battle where he himself mutated into a C-Virus monstrosity.