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Mikhail Viktor

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  • Mikhail Viktor
    Mikhail Viktor
    Debut: RE3
    Voice (E): Ben Campbell RE3
    William Hope RE3:R
    Voice (J): Naoki Tamanoi RE3:R
    Age: 45
    Birthplace: Leningrad, U.S.S.R.
    Birthday: 1953
    Blood: A
    Height: 5'10"
    Weight: 216lbs
    Occupation: UBCS Captain
    Family: -
    Games: RE3 RE3:R
    Films: -
    Novels: RE:N

    "Get off my train, shitbird."

    Mikhail Viktor was born into the U.S.S.R. (in Leningrad, a city now known as Saint Petersburg) and when he reached the appropriate age became conscripted into the Soviet Military which was mandatory for all able men living in Soviet Russia at the time. Over the next two years he became enamoured with military life and worked hard to defend his country at all costs.

    Once the Soviet Union fell in the late 1980s and 1990s the Soviet Military was disbanded and he was essentially forced to become a civilian which he could not adapt to. So instead he revolted against the new Government regime by causing death and destruction to those who were against him which ultimately led to his capture and death sentence issued by the new Russian Government. However at the same time he was also being secretly monitored by Umbrella who saw his potential as an operative working for their UBCS (Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service) security services - and they hatched a plan to offer him his freedom in exchange for a dangerous new role, which would involve being dispatched the locations where Biohazard containment has failed - the service itself was founded by ex-Soviet Colonel Sergei Vladimir who personally selected Viktor for the team.

    When he accepted the offer, his crimes were immediately brushed under the table and he was relocated to the United States. One of his last missions involved attempting to secure Raccoon City which was suffering from a catastrophic t-Virus outbreak. For this mission he held the rank of Captain which allowed him full command of Delta Platoon in which he commanded a small team.

    When Delta and three other platoons landed on site, they were soon massively overwhelmed by the Zombie hordes that had now infested the city. It's clear that many more teams were needed to realistically help any survivors. After just a few hours in the city, the teams were reduced to just five persons - Viktor, Sergeant Nikolai Zinoviev, Corporal Carlos Oliveira, Murphy Seeker and Tyrell Patrick. Everybody else was either dead or had turned into a Zombie.

    Viktor received a critical injury (it's not known whether this was an infectious bite or simply a standard injury) while the chaos ensued and eventually managed to find a safe place in a subway train which was secured from the outside. At some later point in time, Jill Valentine joined forces with Viktor and the rest of his remaining team and she set off back into the city with Carlos Oliveira in order to attempt to rescue others and also find a way to evacuate. Feeling immense grief due to the loss of so many of his colleagues and also the critical failure of his mission, he contemplated a suicide mission - heading out into the city and trying to kill as many Zombies and other monsters as possible. However, he was stopped by Jill who convinced him to remain on board the safe subway train.

    Later when the subway train was powered up after Jill and Carlos managed to repair the line he and the others made their way to the end of the line; a clock tower. However, the train was attacked by the Nemesis T-Type and managed to board from one of the rear cars with an audible crash which alerted the team and Jill went back to investigate. Viktor, being born to fight until the bitter end demanded that Jill escape the train as he proceeded to unload his assault rifle on the creature until it was empty. Unfortunately this brave attempt caused nothing more than a scratch - but it did give Jill enough time to escape the gaze of the beast.

    Nemesis was now fully focused on Viktor, and began pummelling him - and with his last once of strength, Viktor pulled a grenade from his combat vest, released the pin and pushed it into Nemesis hoping that his sacrifice would destroy the creature. The creature survived the blast, although its wrapping was severely damaged and caused the train car to buckle which in turn forced Nemesis to trip and fall out of the train, leaving Jill and Carlos safe from it.

    Viktor could not have survived the explosion - but his sacrifice helped the duo proceed on and eventually complete their mission.