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Hunter II

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  • Hunter II
    Hunter II
    Debut: REC:V
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    Games: REC:V RES2 TDC
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    The Hunter II was a mass-produced B.O.W. (Bio-Organic Weapon) which was developed using research and techniques based on many earlier versions of the Hunter series, such as the Hunter Alpha and the Hunter Gamma. Like the Hunter Alpha, the Hunter II was developed by combining reptile DNA with human DNA and using the t-Virus as a bonding agent to hold the creature together.

    Unlike most Hunter models, this particular variant was in fact developed by the H.C.F. who ex-Umbrella employee Albert Wesker was working for. Using his past experiences both in laboratory environments and encountering them live in the field, he was able to construct an improved Hunter.

    They were grown directly from the embryonic stage and grew into large muscular lizard-like creatures which sharp claws, powerful jaws and tough scaly skin.

    In terms of intelligence it was markedly higher than other Hunter models and most B.O.W.s in general. They were equipped with head mounted computers which delivered information directly to their field of view which they could then use to interpret instructions and conduct operations. They also took advantage of flying drones named Seekers which they used to assist in their missions.

    The only mission they took part in was the H.C.F. takeover of Rockfort Island which served as an Umbrella training centre, prison and a military base. Hunter II’s, Seekers, Sweepers and other monsters covered the area whilst a t-Virus outbreak occurred.

    Chris Redfield encountered these monsters at various occasions and killed some. Others may have been left to die on this own or collected by Albert Wesker once Chris left the area. However no other Hunter II’s have been thought to have been deployed since this. Although the Seekers have been used again on their own during a mission in Spain a number of years later.