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Wolf Pack

  • Oblivion Knight
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Wolf Pack

Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy,Drama

Director: Jeff Davis

Cast: Armani Jackson,Bella Shepard,Tyler Lawrence Gray,Chloe Rose Robertson,Sarah Michelle Gellar,Rodrigo Santoro

First aired:

Last air date:

Show status: Cancelled

Overview: When a raging wildfire releases a supernatural creature, four young adults find themselves drawn together under a full moon.

Where to watch

Streaming: Buy:
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Trailer Cast Crew Videos

    • Armani Jackson

    • Bella Shepard

    • Tyler Lawrence Gray

    • Chloe Rose Robertson

    • Sarah Michelle Gellar

      Kristin Ramsey
    • Rodrigo Santoro

      Garrett Briggs
    • Jason Ensler (Production)

    • Peter Mullen (Sound)

    • Jason Knutzen (Editing)

    • Michael Phelan (Sound)

    • Sarah Michelle Gellar (Production)

    • Haweni Keskessa (Production)

    • Austin Olivia Kendrick (Sound)

    • Jeff Davis (Production)

    • Andrea Ferguson (Art)

    • Jen Oberem (Directing)

    • Edo Van Belkom (Writing)

    • Eric Berg (Art)

    • Mike Elliott (Production)

    • Joseph P. Genier (Production)

    • Carlos Foglia (Production)

    • Anne-Lise Jacobsen (Production)

    • Griffin Fisher (Sound)

    • Angela Harvey (Production)

    • Karen Gorodetzky (Production)

    • Jan Bezouška (Sound)

    • Katerina Tolkishevskaya (Sound)

    • Christian Taylor (Production)

    • Matthew Wilson (Sound)

    • Sarah Michelle Gellar Joins Wolf Pack Cast

      • Featurette
    • Teaser Trailer

      • Teaser
    • Official Trailer

      • Trailer
    • Prey for survival

      • Teaser
Show information in first post provided by The Movie Database
Having watched the trailer, this looks pretty good despite the obvious Buffy influence with Sarah Michelle Gellar's involvement..

Worth a watch perhaps? 🤔

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