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Lammchen's latest activity

  • Lammchen
    The data is showing that although California with it's strong restrictions has similar outcomes concerning Covid as Florida which has...
  • Lammchen
    Lammchen replied to the thread Lights on or off?.
    Lights on for me! I don't need to be THAT scared :D I live in the country so when the lights are off it's really dark in my house...
  • Lammchen
    Lammchen replied to the thread Did you like the first film?.
    I liked the first film but not until I saw the sequels. Then found myself going back to watch the first because I know I missed things...
  • Lammchen
    Lammchen replied to the thread Parler.
    I'm on Parler. That being said I'm not the type of person that the media has said uses Parler except that I'm Conservative. I am not...
  • Lammchen
    Lammchen replied to the thread Value of PS2 games?.
    I had no idea that the value of PS2 games has gone up! My daughter has a box of them but I forget which ones she used to play. I'm...