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Recent content by Brad P

  1. Brad P

    Devil May Cry 5

    What an absolute whopper of a game.. I remember playing and pretty much completed the game within 2 days straight without sleep lol. Loved it! If I had my playstation back it would be one of the games I'd have saved.
  2. Brad P

    RE Village Pre-Orders are now up

    Yeah I tend to hang it out a bit and see if a special discount day comes across rather then paying big bucks.
  3. Brad P

    Coronavirus vaccine

    I'm certainly waiting on this vaccine not in any hurry for it. Still not convinced about it either. I'll be glad I don't get offered it all lol just don't feel it will do anything.
  4. Brad P

    Modded Consoles?

    Loving the setups above from everyone. Once I got my hands on a ps5 I'll be doing some kind of paint job on it to stand out.
  5. Brad P

    Good evening

    Thanks for the welcomed lads :)
  6. Brad P

    Light style with switcher

    Oh wow okay I'm now taken to the light style now. Nice job šŸ‘
  7. Brad P

    Good evening

    Evening all, Loving the theme and layout of the site it's really easy to navigate even though I couldn't find the introduction LOL. Anyway I'm Brad from the UK I'm 34 and have a wonderful wife and daughter. I enjoy watching horror movies and when I get time play some games. Hope you are all...
  8. Brad P

    Hello gang is there a place to introduce ourselves?

    Hello gang is there a place to introduce ourselves?
  9. Brad P

    What are you listening to?

    Tonight before I got the pillow I'm listening to
  10. Brad P

    Advertise your website

    Evening UO, I'd like to introduce our eSports gaming community Rival Gaming. Rival Gaming want to welcome you to what we hope will be your go-to resource for eSports chat, the latest in eSports news, finding a clan, competitive tournaments, streaming discussion, strategy planning, general...
  11. Brad P

    What Phone do you have?

    I'm currently using the oppo find x2 pro. It's certainly been an awesome experience and beats Samsung hands down. I moved from Apple 5 years ago to Samsung and end of last year I decided to try this phone out and I'm currently very happy with it so far.
  12. Brad P

    What are you playing?

    Going to throw this one in and it's not a horrible game. Me and the daughter play Fortnite she has a switch and my wife has s lite so we have been playing that can't say I'm good but we have won a few games together šŸ˜
  13. Brad P


    During the week I normally hit the pillow around 9 or 10 takes me a good hour to settle if I do. Work at 6am so I try to go sleep as early as possible. During the weekend I tend to stay up till 12 but even that can be hard... Must be getting old lol
  14. Brad P

    Lights on or off?

    Nothing more scary than having the lights off as well as the landing light off with door open it can really mess you up when you have a scary part happen with flashing lights and you turn around and see shadows. Squeaky bum time....
  15. Brad P

    Did you enjoy Last of Us 2?

    I'm saying yes not that I've actually played it but I've watched game play from start to finish. I really enjoyed it and the graphics are unbelievable.