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    Having finally jumped on the XenForo hype, I must say that it's a piece of software that I love. I honestly can't see myself returning to a free option like MyBB. And I'm not a fan of Invision Community (both in terms of price and features).
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    Tidy or Messy?

    I would say I'm a bit of both as well. I tend to be pretty tidy most of the time but if I'm tired or just can't be bothered, I will drop something on the floor or not bother cleaning up my room.
  3. Ash

    Car Insurance in 2020

    Same as mine and mine is with a black box as well! Hoping the price will drop down a lot when I renew this December but I've just had to make a claim for my windscreen to be replaced so not too sure if that will affect it.
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    GTA Trilogy Remastered

    I think the best thing about it is the modernisation of the controls. Having tried out San Andreas on the PS4, it really does feel awful because we just aren't used to using the buttons for acceleration and braking for example.
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    Squid Game

    Hopefully, you can watch it soon because if you accidentally come across a spoiler, it will ruin the whole show for you. There is a pretty big spoiler as well so hopefully, you can avoid that :censored:
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    GTA Trilogy Remastered

    Rockstar finally confirmed the rumours by announcing the definitive edition of the GTA trilogy (3, Vice City, and San Andreas). Anyone else looking forward to playing it?
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    What are you playing?

    Been playing the Battlefield 2042 Open Beta over the weekend alongside some other games. Not a huge fan of it at the moment due to how slow the gameplay feels even with 120+ players in one game.
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    Petrol "Shortage" - UK

    It's actually scary how a petrol shortage was basically created out of nothing. I was lucky enough to get some but there are still periods where the local petrol stations are closed due to not having any left.
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    Squid Game

    I'm sure a lot of people have already heard of this show since it took social media by storm. Has anyone else watched it? And if so, did you like it?
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    James Bond - No Time to Die

    Definitely need to catch up on all the James Bond movies before I watch this. Can't even remember if I watched the last one or not.
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    Do you re-watch a long TV series often?

    Only the ones with short episodes. So shows like the Big Bang Theory, Friends, the Office etc. I've never really bothered rewatching longer shows because they tend to be less fun to rewatch when you know exactly what is going to happen.
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    I'm happy for you because having to work on the weekends is definitely not fun at all...

    I'm happy for you because having to work on the weekends is definitely not fun at all, especially if you have to do it frequently. Do they pay differently on weekends though?
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    Would you opt to go on a vacation during this new normal time?

    I have the same feeling as you @jamesyfx. Right now is definitely not the best time but I can't wait to fly to another place and get a change of scenary.
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    What is one sense you’d like to hone?

    Just going to go for the simple one - sight. My eyesight is not bad but I do have to wear glasses to make things far away slightly clearer. Would be great cool to not have to wear glasses (don't like laser eye surgery at the moment).