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   Brain Sucker
   Beard Cop
   Glasses Cop
   Dan DeChant
   Dave Johnson
   Josh Stone
      Big Man Majini
      Chainsaw Majini
      Executioner Majini
      Gatling Gun Majini
      Giant Majini
      Instigator Majini
   Andy Walker
   Ben Airhart
   Bus Driver
   Carl Alfonso
      Neo-Umbrella J’avo
      Noga Let
   Liz's Father
   Marco Rose
   Piers Nivans
   Gold Lugers
   Cindy Lennox
   David King
   Dr. Ethan
   Dr. Hersh
   Dr. Howard
   Dr. Isaac
   Jim Chapman
   Kevin Ryman
   Lucy Mallet
   Mark Wilkins
   Mr. Black
   Mr. Blue
   Mr. Gold
   Mr. Green
   Mr. Red
   Mrs Peach
   Mrs Water
   Mrs White
   Regan Mallet
   Samuel Kirk
   Yoko Suzuki
   Andy Holland
   Ark Thompson
   Lily Klein
   Lott Klein
   Under Taker
      Mutated Dimitrescu
   Elena Lupu
   Grigori Stan
      Mutated Heisenberg
      Mutated Moreau
   The Duke
   The Old Hag
      Uriaș Drac
      Uriaș Străjer
   Fong Ling
   Hunter Elite
      Mutated Morpheus
   Hunter δ
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