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  • Leonardo was a resident of the Village, a close-knit community somewhere in Eastern Europe. It’s likely that he grew up there and at one point had family as when he is found by Ethan Winters he is with his daughter, Elena.

    Unfortunately Leonardo became an early victim after monsters such as Lycans began to overrun the quiet village - at first he was simply injured although it was not widely known at the time that a Lycan injury also carried an infection which would inevitably turn the victim into another monster.

    When Ethan found Leonardo, he and his daughter were attempting to find safety in another village resident Elizas home, which was built like a stronghold and was used as a safe place. Leonardo carried a machete with him which he may have taken from a Lycan. He, his daughter and Ethan made it into the safehouse and for a brief moment everything seemed okay.

    However, the infection gradually started taking over his body and he became enraged. Eliza approached him to try and help but he killed her with his machete, and then began ruthlessly attacking others as well as inadvertently starting a fire inside the property. Then, his attention turned to Ethan. Ethan fired a few shots from his handgun but they appeared to have little effect.

    Luckily for Ethan, Elena was on hand with a shotgun. Not wanting to hurt her father any longer, but also knowing that he was losing his mind, she fired at him which allowed her and Ethan to escape into another room.

    When Ethan and Elena made it through the burning house and were about to find the open air by going through an open window in the attic space, Leonardo suddenly re-appeared - but this time he called out to Elena in his now monster II’s voice. It’s very possible that he was fighting for his humanity or it could be that it was simply a tactic to cause Elena to hesitate. Nonetheless, Leonardo pulled her back down into the burning building below and it is assumed that they both perished in the flames.