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Ethan Winters

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  • Ethan Winters
    Ethan Winters
    Debut: Resident Evil 7: Biohazard
    Voice (E): Todd Soley
    Voice (J): Hidenobu Kiuchi
    Age: 36
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, Nevada, USA
    Birthday: 1984
    Blood: -
    Height: 5'11"
    Weight: 170lb
    Occupation: Systems Engineer
    Family: Mia Winters
    Games: Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, Resident Evil Village
    Films: -
    Novels: -
    Ethan Winters is a Systems Engineer whose wife Mia Winters went missing sometime in 2014 and after a long time searching for her and finding nothing, Ethan received video messages from Mia, informing him that she had been lying to him about her job - she worked as a Special Agent for The Connections, a crime syndicate specialising in Bio-Chemical research, and naturally was unable to tell anyone about what she really did. Three years passed without anything more, causing Ethan to assume Mia dead. However, he then received an e-mail from Mia with location of where she was being held but at the same time, telling him to stay away. Ethan always had suspicions about what Mia's work really was and so packed up some essentials and drove the 2,000 or so miles from Nevada to a dilapidated plantation near Dulvey Parish, Louisiana in search for her.

    On the drive down he shared a phone call with a friend about where he was headed, Mia's whereabouts and they discussed briefly what he might expect to find there.

    Ethan made it to an old ranch, once owned an operated by the Baker family who apparently also went missing in 2014, around the same time as Mia, but he found it to be deserted and locked down - the front gate was chained shut and the intercom system had it's wire cut. Undeterred, he made his way around the side of the building and came across an abandoned van which he investigated and discovered that it belonged to a film crew who had earlier been filming a TV episode of Sewer Gators, a paranormal investigation show. Ethan progressed further and ended up inside a Guest House an adjacent building.

    The Guest House was also seemingly abandoned, but Ethan found some terrible things inside - rotting food which appeared to be of human origin and a microwaved Crow to name a few. He also located a VHS tape of the Sewer Gators raw footage along with a functioning TV and VHS player - in which it features a film crew (Peter Walken - Presenter, Andre Strickland - Producer, Clancy Jarvis - Cameraman) making their way through the guest house in a similar fashion to Ethan, only finding a secret passageway and unfortunately the crew seemingly end up dead or captured with only a brief glimpse of who the perpetrator may have been.

    Using his new found knowledge of the secret passage, Ethan proceeded through the house and firstly found the rotting corpse of Andre floating in murky water and eventually also found his missing love Mia, who was locked in a holding cell. To his surprise, Mia was not expecting Ethan at all and told him that she did not send him any e-mail. Together they proceeded to try and find an exit but the patriarch of the home Jack Baker suddenly smashed his way through a wall and captured her while Ethan's back was turned.

    Ethan eventually relocated Mia but something was wrong - she was being extremely violent and her face and voice had changed, appearing monstrous and otherworldly. With a bizarre amount of strength she threw him against the floor, proceeded to stab him repeatedly with a knife and then jammed it right through his hand. Following a further struggle, Ethan had no choice but to arm himself with an axe and defend himself, seemingly killing her with a blow to the neck. As she lost consciousness the evil in her face and voice drifted out of her also, suggesting something else was controlling her behaviour.

    A nearby phone started to ring, Ethan answered and a woman identifying herself only as Zoe (Zoe Baker) gave him advice on how to best escape the Guest House. After the call he proceeded back through the Guest House, past where he had thought he had killed Mia, but her body was not there. Mia later returned, and in a surprise move attacked him with a screwdriver and a chainsaw, slicing off his left hand at the wrist. After a brief scuffle, Ethan managed to defeat Mia again despite his injuries. He collected his severed hand, and although he was severely injured he made his way upstairs through the Guest House as directed by Zoe, but Jack Baker took him by surprise with a calm "Welcome to the family, son" and then knocked him out cold.

    While he was unconscious, Zoe re-attached his severed hand and placed a gadget on his wrist called a Genome Codex. Ethan regained consciousness at a dinner setting with the rest of the Baker Family - Jack Baker, Marguerite Baker, Lucas Baker and an old lady named Eveline who appeared to be in a vegetative state. The food at the table were the same awful human organs Ethan had encountered earlier - Jack attempted to force feed Ethan some of the 'food' and he rejected it, causing Marguerite to become enraged and offended and storm out of the room. A police officer named David Anderson then approached the house causing Jack and Lucas to leave the room to investigate, giving Ethan time to free himself.

    However, Jack soon returned and stalked Ethan - but he managed to escape through a trap door - which Jack could be heard scoffing at and simply told him he would get him later. Ethan eventually made contact with the police officer Anderson, who initially treated him with suspicion and requested they meet in a garage area for an interrogation. Ethan pleaded the officer for a weapon to defend himself but was only given a small pocket knife. After they met in the garage, before anything could be said Jack returned once more and split the officers head in two cleanly with an axe and pursued Ethan, who by that point had picked up the officers handgun.

    Ethan's car was placed in this garage, and while he attempted to escape, Jack hijacked the vehicle and attempted to destroy it - causing the car to burst into flames. However, Jack was still on his feet despite burning alive - Ethan tried to escape up a nearby ladder only for Jack to grab him one last time... and in a showcase of his madness (and a display of power), Jack took the handgun from Ethan, placed it in his own mouth and pulled the trigger, seemingly killing himself.

    Ethan made it further through the house, and after a period of respite Jack appeared once more, proving that he could not be killed. Ethan also encountered vile creatures called Molded here - these were not your typical monsters as they didn't require a human host, they were entirely made by the concentration of Mold, a unique type of fungus and a Bio-Organic Weapon (B.O.W.).

    Jacks next encounter with Ethan was even more of a surprise - Jack had equipped himself with a home-made device made up of shears and two chainsaws strapped together and attempted to obliterate Ethan with the weapon. However Jack was defeated and this time his upper body exploded, leaving only his legs in tact. Nobody could come back from that kind of destruction.

    Ethan managed to escape the guest house and made it to a nearby trailer which appeared to belong to Zoe. This is where Ethan found out about the family's predicament - the Baker family and Mia had become infected with a fungus called Mold which gives them supernatural but often disgusting abilities and a cure could be made on site, and Ethan was the only one that could possibly do this, and that there was some in a nearby building named the Old House.

    Having found an explored the Old House, Ethan encountered Marguerite Baker who's infection gave her some degree of control over mutant insects, she also had mutated limbs and a disgusting growth between her legs, which served as a weak point. After multiple struggles and a final battle Marguerite was defeated - the killing blow calcified her body which then shattered. Her lantern was then used by Ethan to enter a room where he found a D-Series Arm, which was part of the puzzle needed to create the cure for the Mold infection.

    The next member of the Baker family Ethan encountered was Lucas Baker, who had earlier re-captured Mia and held her hostage, along with Zoe. He contacted Ethan various times and created what he thought was an unbeatable puzzle for him to solve. However, Ethan managed to progress and eventually came across another of the items needed to create a cure for the Mold, a D-Series Head.

    Ethan soon was reunited with Zoe and Mia, and after handing over the Arm and Head, Zoe got to work on creating the final serum. She made two samples for Ethan to take but as the exchange was about to happen, a horribly mutated Jack Baker had returned and suddenly burst through a wall and grabbed him. His body was covered in eyeballs which served as a series of weak points - which Ethan destroyed as many as he could which harmed Jack but he could not be defeated. Thinking on her feet, Zoe suggested to Ethan that he use one of the serum samples on Jack. Once this was done, Jack was done for. His body began to calcify the same way as Marguerite, and that was the end of him.

    Ethan unfortunately next had the difficult choice of using the last sample to either cure Zoe or his wife, and he chose his wife which angered Zoe, and at this point she told them to leave the area which they then attempted to by boat. On their traversal they happened upon the wreckage of a tanker named The Annabelle, and suddenly the Mold appeared and destroyed their boat and dragged them to the wreckage. At this point Jack was enveloped in the Mold but because he had taken on the serum it would not change his body. However in his unconscious state Jack Baker appeared once again and spoke to him. This was a different Jack though, a much more human Jack.

    Jack told Ethan that the family were not to blame for any of the atrocities, and they were victims as much as anybody else. Everything was Eveline's doing, she was the source of the Mold and the reason the family were transformed into superhuman monstrous killers. Jack pleaded with Ethan to "save his family" - destroy Eveline, destroy the Mold. Mia managed to then rescue Ethan from the Mold, handing him a tissue sample from Eveline and quickly told him to "kill that little bitch", just before she barricaded herself into a room where she again changed into her monstrous form Ethan had encountered earlier in the guest house.

    Ethan managed to escape the tanker and made it to a mine called the Abercrombie Salt Mine where he observed military forces, later found to be from Blue Umbrella beginning an unknown operation. Ethan managed to locate a secret laboratory area where he was able to synthesise a product named E-Necrotoxin which was required to finally kill Eveline. Finding a passage back to the Guest House he and a younger Eveline made contact. Eveline pelted Ethan with hallucinations and Mold in an effort to push him back but to no avail. Ethan managed to inject her with the E-Necrotoxin which reverted her into her current, advanced age self which then began to break down and be consumed by the Mold in the area.

    However with one last explosion of power, Eveline mustered together all of the Mold in the vicinity and a huge abomination formed, and she was unstoppable. Finding no way to even put a scratch on her, Ethan suddenly observed a Blue Umbrella helicopter looming overhead, which then dropped a weapon named the Albert-01 along with special fungus-attacking ammo called Rapid-Acting Mycetotoxic Rounds (RAMRODs) - this weapon would be enough to damage Eveline and also prevent her from recovering from the damage. He received a message through his Genome Codex which he received earlier from Zoe, telling him to use the weapon to defeat Eveline.

    The new weapon did the trick, and Eveline was soon turned into a calcified mass and was defeated for good. Her harassment of the Baker family as well as Mia was over. Blue Umbrella units began to descend from the helicopter, one of the team members approached Ethan directly, removed his helmet and was none other than Chris Redfield. Ethan was taken to a helicopter to be reunited with Mia and they left the area.