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Dino Crisis

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    Dino Crisis
    Platforms: PlayStation
    Windows (PC)
    Reviews: 8.5
    Release date(s)
    JP: July 1, 1999
    NA: August 31, 1999
    EU: October 29, 1999

    JP: September 6, 2000
    NA: November 14, 2000
    EU: December 22, 2000

    Windows (PC)
    JP: 2000
    EU: September 15, 2000
    NA: December 4, 2000
    Directors: Shinji Mikami
    Writers: Shinji Mikami
    Producers: Noritaka Funamizu
    Shinji Mikami
    Designers: Shinji Mikami
    Yuko Nakadai
    Programmers: Masakatsu Endo
    Yuji Hagiyama
    Composers: Akari Kaida
    Makoto Tomozawa

    Dino Crisis was a survival horror game that Resident Evil creator Shinju Mikami began developing around the time Resident Evil 2 began development. It began as a project with no name and as such it went through many changes in the early stages - the locations and enemies changed from currently living creatures such as gorillas but was eventually changed to Dinosaurs in a futuristic setting. Production was halted while development on Resident Evil 2 became complicated as more people were needed to focus on that title. What they were working on was what we now know as Resident Evil 1.5 - which was eventually cancelled and development started over on a new Resident Evil 2.

    As such, the team were allowed to return back to development on Dino Crisis. One of the main features of Dino Crisis over Resident Evil was the fact that everything was rendered in real-time 3D including all environments and animations. The graphics engine was completely re-written so it could handle smoother animations and higher polygon counts.

    The games story was written relatively quickly - the game takes place on an isolated island named Ibis in (what was then the future) 2009. A team was sent to investigate strange goings-on in a military facility and they find themselves amongst living dinosaurs which terrorise the island. They find out that a device which created a tear in space-time which allowed dinosaurs from the past to enter the present. The player character is a member of the team named Regina and she works together with her squad to escape the island which culminates in them destroying the facility and wiping out all of the dinosaurs. There are multiple endings where certain characters may not survive, so there are some player decisions that factor into the finale.

    A number of dinosaurs feature in the game:

    • Velociraptor (The most common enemy in the game, appears in various forms and colours)
    • Tyrannosaurus Rex (Enormous dinosaur which hunts and chases Regina throughout the game)
    • Pteranodon (A flying creature, they are known to play around with their kills)
    • Compsognathus (A tiny dinosaur that always appears in large packs. They feed on other dead dinosaurs)
    • Therizinosaurus (Similar to Raptors, but stronger and more ferocious)

    The game was first released for the Sony PlayStation in 1999 and reviewed very positively. The game was later ported to the Sega Dreamcast and Windows PC. Dino Crisis spawned a handful of sequels and the series has since been dormant as of 2003 when Dino Crisis 3 was released for the original Xbox console.




    Backup Generator Room B1
    If the generator is out, we've got backup
    Backup Generator Room B3
    Here's a backup of the backup for the backup
    Backup Generator Room Pathway
    On my way to make a backup
    Carrying In Materials Hallway
    Carrying the Goods and the Bads
    Carrying Out Room B1
    We don't serve food here, except YOU
    Carrying Out Room B3
    The only way out is via a body bag
    Central Stairway
    Lit like a space station this place
    Chief's Room
    He's chiefin' all day and night
    Comms Antenna Room
    It's got it's own room, rent free and everything
    Comms Area Passageway
    I'm on my way to do some communicatin'
    Communications Room
    Otherwise known as the dinner table
    Computer Room
    Remember when everyone had computer rooms?
    Control Room 1F
    Don't stare too long, you'll go blind
    Control Room 1F Hall
    How did the dinosaurs get in here?
    Control Room B3
    Too many monitors. Nerd alert!
    Disembarkation Immigration Office
    I don't know that word either
    Disembark Office
    I think they mean 'Arrivals Office'
    Elevator Hall
    Hall in an Elevator.. *whistles*
    Elevator Power Room
    Those huge pipes, SO inefficient...
    Experiment Room Hall
    Is it a hall or a room? CHOOSE!!
    Experiment Simulation Room
    It's a video game. A simulation of a simulation?
    Facility Backyard A
    Get outta my yard ya crazy raptors
    Facility Backyard B
    This contains excessive violence and gore
    RUN FOREST RUNN. Literally, or you'll get eaten
    Front Entrance Area
    This is the main entrance, unfortunately
    Gas Experiment Room
    I was hoping they'd do something nice in here
    Generator Room B1
    Now you're playing with power
    Generator Yard
    Click OK to Generator Yard. Esc to Quit.
    Hall 2F
    Seems like there's a comfy couch here
    Hall B1
    I mean, not ALL rooms are interesting...
    There are 18 boxes in this hangar. Hmmmmm...
    More like HELLiport, amirite? …Why is nobody laughing?
    Heliport Passageway
    Great! Now we can escape safely, with NO issues!
    Heliport Transport Passageway
    Port port passageway. Silly name.
    Hovercraft Storage
    Your hovercraft looks suspiciously like a tank
    Ibis Island
    NOT associated with the budget hotel chain. Or is it...?
    Large Platform Elevator
    Hey, they spelled ELEVATOR right this time
    Large Platform Elevator Control Room
    Prize for most convoluted name goes to...
    Large Platform Elevator Passage
    Do not pass Go, do not collect Ammo
    Lecture Room
    Also known as the stern complaints room
    Lecture Room Hallway
    Did Gray Fox do this? OOPS I mean 'that Ninja' ?
    Library Room
    These days all this information is on a grain of sand
    Locker Room
    Oh geez there are girly pictures on the walls...
    A fancy name for a room where nothing happens
    Main Entrance
    No, this room isn't foreboding at all
    Main Entrance 2F Balcony
    Do not lean over these bars, they look brittle
    Main Hallway B1
    Wanted to call it Tunnel B1 but it was taken
    Management Office
    Here is where BUSINESS happens.. Dino business.
    Management Office Hallway
    Nuthin' down this hallway except a single office
    Materials Storage
    Whoever loaded this room should be shot. Probably.
    Medical Room
    Quick, there's an Episode! Of IS IT CAKE
    Medical Room Hallway
    Naww man that ain't right. Clean that up!
    Who's office? Who knows? Nobody, that's who!
    Office Hallway
    Those damn dinosaurs and their navigation skills
    Parts Storage
    Parts, Materials, what's the difference? The lighting, that's what
    To parts unknown. Unless you've got the Map.
    Passageway to the Carrying Out Room
    Rolls right off the tongue...
    Passageway to the Experiment Area
    Just beyond here.. is SCIENCE!
    Piping Check Passageway A
    *checks* Yup, there are pipes here.
    Piping Check Passageway B
    Erm, okay. *checks* …Pipes? …Found them.
    Piping Check Passageway B2
    Look man I'm gonna quit. Pipes don't just WALK AROUND
    Port Passageway
    The port is.. forward. And now the door is open!
    Port Transport Passageway
    Mix Port with WKD Blue and what do you get? A headache.
    Power Frequency Room
    How often is power in here? All of the time
    Power Room Passageway
    The cleaners are so lazy in this dump
    Research Area Hallway
    A little further ahead we think of things. Cool things.
    Researcher Rest Room
    Little did they know, they'd ALL be laid to rest
    Research Meeting Room
    We've come up with something. Cat Sunglasses.
    Rest Station
    We're up to the Rest Station 5 now
    Security Pass Room
    Security Pass Room. Phew. They didn't see you.
    Stabilizer Design Room
    Not the little training wheels on bikes
    Strategy Room
    OMG the BEST Magic tournaments get held here
    Third Energy Area B2
    Third time lucky...
    Third Energy Control Room
    Do NOT press the button that says 'Space-Time Collapse'
    Is this the one that the T. Rex crashes into?
    Transport Passageway
    Was gonna call it the back passage but hey...
    Underground Passage to the Facility
    Dwight says... Facility Underground Passage


    Glock 34
    Regina's starting weapon. Packs a punch.
    Glock 35
    Adding a slide to the Glock 34 = free upgrade!
    Franchi SPAS-12
    A reliable weapon, blasts Velociraptors.
    Franchi SPAS-12 (Stock)
    It's no longer out of STOCK. HA! Funny.....
    Franchi PA-3
    Another shotgun? Better make sure you got Shells.
    Franchi PA-3 (Stock)
    More stability means more Dino death!
    Grenade Launcher
    Just let them bounce around and decimate.
    Grenade Launcher (Custom)
    Three barrels, that's all I need...

    Key Items

    Antenna Drive Key

    Antenna Drive Key
    Crane Card B1

    Crane Card B1
    Crane Card B3 #1

    Crane Card B3 #1
    Crane Card B3 #2

    Crane Card B3 #2
    Crane Card B3 #3

    Crane Card B3 #3
    Key Chip B1

    Key Chip B1
    Key Chip B2

    Key Chip B2
    BG Key

    BG Key
    BG Key Room B1

    BG Key Room B1
    C.O. Area Key

    C.O. Area Key
    C.O. Pass Card

    C.O. Pass Card
    DDK Code Disc*

    DDK Code Disc*
    DDK Input Disc*

    DDK Input Disc*
    Entrance Key

    Entrance Key
    F.C. Device

    F.C. Device
    Green Battery

    Green Battery
    I.D. Card

    I.D. Card

    Key Card A

    Key Card A
    Key Card B

    Key Card B
    Key Card C

    Key Card C
    Key Card D

    Key Card D
    Key Card L

    Key Card L
    Key Card R

    Key Card R
    Locker Room Key

    Locker Room Key

    Panel Key 1

    Panel Key 1
    Panel Key 2

    Panel Key 2

    Port Card Key

    Port Card Key
    Pulse Receiver

    Pulse Receiver
    Researcher's Memo

    Researcher's Memo

    Secret Disc

    Secret Disc
    Small Key

    Small Key

    Startup Battery R

    Startup Battery R
    Startup Battery W

    Startup Battery W
    *The game has multiple versions of these discs, they look identical however.
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