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Daniela Dimitrescu

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  • Daniela Dimitrescu
    Daniela Dimitrescu
    Debut: REVIII
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    Games: REVIII

    Daniela Dimitrescu was one of three ‘sisters’ that lived in Castle Dimitrescu; the three sisters along with Countess Alcina Dimitrescu were all products of the Mold-based hybrid organism known as the Cadou.

    She was created out of the Cadou by Mother Miranda sometime around the 1950’s and then offered to Alcina Dimitrescu as her daughter, alongside two other ‘sisters’ where they all inhabited Castle Dimitrescu. The three participated in gruesome cannibalism and vampirism. Although her form appears human, her body (and her two other sisters for that matter) are a pure Cadou construct which is based up of thousands of flying insects of various pigmentations. The fact that Daniela and her sisters share a similar form is because the Cadou ‘learned’ which form to take by consuming captured women from the dungeons of the castle. It’s known that Daniela in particular was sadistic towards human servants in the Castle; she would routinely punish those who made a mistake however small. She carried a large scythe as a weapon which she clearly enjoyed utilising - for example she used them to drag Ethan Winters by the leg and also to hoist him up with his hands.

    She was constantly surrounded by what looked like attack flies or moths which also crawled over her body; it’s highly likely that these creatures were what made up her form, quite similar to Mimicry Marcus. She could also break her body down completely which gave the impression that she could vanish or teleport. This ability also allowed her to pass through solid objects and also ambush her victims; appearing in front of their eyes.

    Unfortunately for her, she had an innate weakness to the cold air and daylight; she was indestructible and invincible when she was protected by the walls of Castle Dimitrescu - but as soon as they are taken away she was comparably weak and in death she crystallised and shattered. The remains of her crystallised form was somewhat valuable to the mysterious merchant known as The Duke.

    Interestingly she seemed to fear death as it was upon her; one of her last words to Ethan Winters was that she didn’t want to die. Her death was felt by Alcina Dimitrescu right away which sent her into a fury as now the Dimitrescu bloodline had been destroyed save for Alcina herself.