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Claire Redfield

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  • Claire Redfield
    Claire Redfield
    Debut: RE2
    Voice (E):
    Alyson Court RE2 REC:V RE:De TDC ORC M3D
    "James Baker" REV2
    Stephanie Panisello RE2:R
    Voice (J): Yūko Kaida RE:De REV2 RE2:R
    Age: 42
    Birthplace: USA
    Birthday: 1979
    Blood: O
    Height: 5'6"
    Weight: 116lbs
    Occupation: TerraSave Personnel
    Family: Chris Redfield
    Films: RE:Ex RE:Af RE:Re RE:TFC RE:De
    Novels: REC:V RE:CotD RE:Un
    Claire Redfield is the younger sister of B.S.A.A. agent and former S.T.A.R.S. team member Chris Redfield. She grew up rather close to Chris during her childhood as they had both lost their parents at an early age and essentially only had each other. As they got older, a Chris joined the US Air Force and Claire studied at university - this was where she found her love of motorcycles and motorcycle mechanics. She was also adept at handling firearms and always carried a knife on her person.

    In 1998, Chris went missing during a S.T.A.R.S. operation investigating Umbrella. Tired of waiting for news, Claire decided to head out to Raccoon City in order to get some answers. On the way she stopped at a gas station to re-fuel only it emerged that a Zombie outbreak had occurred in the city and she subsequently encountered her first active Zombie which was feeding on the throat of a police officer. Absolutely horrified at what she has just seen, she attempted to leave the building and from there she bumped into Leon S. Kennedy, a rookie police officer who had just transferred to the Raccon City Police Department and was heading for his first day on the job. Quickly deducing that she was not infected, they got to safety in Leon’s car and headed further into the city.

    However, they soon became separated when a tanker which was being driven by an unfortunate soul who had been bitten by a Zombie and was quickly becoming infected, drove directly in their path causing a huge fiery explosion. Claire and Leon both managed to escape the car. Unable to see one another, they managed to both find different routes to the Raccoon City Police Station only to find that the entire city and the station was overrun with zombies and other monsters.

    In her investigation she met with Sherry Birkin, young daughter of William Birkin and Annette Birkin who she rescued various times. Her father was a Umbrella scientist who had injected himself with an infection named the G-Virus which was supposed to grant superhuman abilities - however in its incomplete state it transformed him into an ever-mutating monster and gradually he lost his mind and eventually turned him into an almost unstoppable beast only interested in absorbing organic material and spreading the G- Virus. As Sherry was a blood-relative, he hunted her specifically as she would have been the perfect carrier.

    Sherry became infected with a G-Embryo after an incident which brought her close to William, but Claire managed to bring her to an underground laboratory area where a vaccine could be produced and given to her.

    After thoroughly investigating the station and the lab, Claire deduced that her brother was nowhere to be found and her goal was now to defeat the monster William (simply known as G) and escape with Leon and Sherry. The trio managed to escape on an underground railway but not before the monster followed and attempted to battle them - however the creature was horribly mutated and twisted due to being forced to adapt so many times and was ultimately beaten when the train car it was on became disconnected from the rest and was pushed back into the laboratory which was self-destructing.

    Leon later took charge of Sherry as Claire continued in her search for Chris - which led her to break into an Umbrella research laboratory in France. However, she was overwhelmed by Umbrella Security Forces who then captured her and brought her to Rockfort Island which was a sort of prison for people who had wronged Umbrella. Unfortunately for her, a t-Virus outbreak occurred on the island as the H.C.F. which was being led by Albert Wesker released the virus and several B.O.W.s (Bio-Organic Weapoan) such as the T-078 Tyrant and the Bandersnatch. Umbrella was almost all defeated on the island with only Rodrigo Juan Raval surviving, who was the Umbrella officer who brought Claire to the island.

    Feeling pity on Claire that she was going to lose her life anyway, Rodrigo let her out of her prison cell, presuming that starving to death in an underground cell is much worse than dying on the battlefield. She escaped the area and later met with Steve Burnside, a young man who was placed on the island due to his fathers betrayal of the company. As they both attempted to find ways to escape the island, they repeatedly crossed paths with the Ashford family, who commanded the island. Alfred Ashford believed that Claire was the reason for the t-Virus outbreak and so antagonised her on various occasions. Claire and Steve managed to escape the island on a plane and headed to Antarctica which was relatively close by and remote.

    After hours of searching she managed to get into radio contact with Leon who at this point was working for the Anti-Umbrella Pursuit and Investigation Team under US-STRATCOM, who in turn was able to finally get into contact with her brother Chris and inform him of her location.

    Upon reaching an Umbrella Antarctic Base, they discovered that this place had also been ruined by a t-Virus outbreak. They encountered the Ashford family, including Alfred and his sister Alexia Ashford who had been mutated into a plant-like monster due to an infection of the recently discovered t-Veronica virus and also Alexander Ashford. Steve was captured and experimented upon, but Chris managed to finally track down Claire and they finally reunited.

    Celebration was short lived as Albert Wesker also arrived on the scene, and Steve had been horribly mutated into a B.O.W. - however Steve still had some semblance of his former self and refused to harm Claire, leading to his own destruction. After a short battle, the mutant Alexia was also defeated and the siblings began their escape. Wesker used his supernatural abilities to capture Claire to prevent Chris from leaving, but Wesker was soon hurt by fire allowing Claire enough time to prepare a harrier and escape with her brother.

    After reuniting with Chris and escaping back to America, Claire later found employment under TerraSave, an organisation set up to defend the world against bioterrorism. Under TerrsaSave, Claire was sent to numerous locations worldwide in order to eliminate t-Virus threats and other B.O.W.s which were present.​