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Alcina Dimitrescu

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  • Alcina Dimitrescu
    Alcina Dimitrescu
    Debut: REVIII
    Voice (E):
    Voice (J):
    Height: 9'6"
    Occupation: Countess
    Games: REVIII

    Alcina Dimitrescu is the Countess of the Dimitrescu house; there are four noble houses which live in the Village and her family name makes their home in a large castle. She appears to be the last remaining living member of the Dimitrescu family, but she does not live there alone.

    It's unclear whether she was born with a Progenitor infection or she had it passed to her after birth - but she is a mutated human with cannibalistic and vampiric tendencies. She is exceptionally tall at around 9’6”, but is otherwise proportional in all other respects. She is also very pale and dresses like a Victorian noblewoman. It's assumed that she has been in her current form since the 1970's.

    It's unknown how extensive her mutant abilities are but she is at least able to transform her fingernails into large claws which are strong enough to seriously harm or even kill a human; she has been shown impaling The Maiden in the chest with her mutant claws. It's thought that some of her abilities may mirror that of Count Dracula; including transforming into a flying creature, but this has not been confirmed. She also has three 'daughters' all of which she has mutated in different ways - and she may use humans for their life force to keep her appearance youthful despite her advanced age.

    Once Resident Evil Village is released, this page will be revised with less speculation.