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Why doesn’t everybody enjoy reading?


Hakuna Matata
Why doesn't everybody enjoy reading?

What can be done to help people change their minds?

Is it something you need to grow up with? instill reading from day 1?

Read Book Club GIF


People are just lazy.

I enjoy reading stuff online. I love forums for this reason, but people are just fucking LAZY.

Oblivion Knight

I've never particularly enjoyed reading.. I can probably count on two hands how many books I've actually read to completion, excluding reading children's books for my 5-year old daughter.

My argument has always been Why spend the time reading a book when I can be shown or interact with a story through films or games?


I'm too impatient when reading. I basically just scan-read books and then if something piques my interest especially, I'll go back and read that section more thoroughly. :hands_over_eyes:


I was an avid reader for a long time, especially Tolkien's books, but lately I've grown wary of reading and my eyes are getting worse, so reading isn't as fun. I hope to fix that again when I get some free time (hah, free time), but I still enjoy reading articles on websites and such. Just not books these days.


how'd i get to be so good?
I like reading but my attention span doesn't really allow for it, I just end up reading them line-by-line rather than taking in the overall narration if that makes sense. Ultimately I just never know whats going on so its kinda a waste of my time lol

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