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📰 News When is Dino Crisis coming back?

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As you may or may not be aware, Dino Crisis was another survival horror series from the Resident Evil creator, Shinji Mikami with the help of Capcom Japan. While the first game played similarly to Resident Evil, albeit with fully 3D environments (with either a fixed or dynamically pointed camera), later games became more action-oriented.

Many players will remember Regina, the red-haired protagonist of the first two games. In fact, her likeness appears as an extra costume for Jill in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. In later games which were set in the far future and feature such themes as outer space, the horror aspect is reduced. The last game to be released was Dino Crisis 3 way back in 2003 (almost 20 years at the time of writing this article).

You may consider this to be a dead franchise then. Capcom haven't really discussed remaking or even releasing quick-buck 'remasters' for the older games, and especially not a full sequel. Stranger things have happened though - I mean Rampage was made into a movie when the last game was released 12 years prior, and Nintendo released Star Fox 2 a full 22 years after it was completed. Something closer to home though, the Resident Evil 2 remake was done 21 years after the original.

So really, 20 years sounds about right. Maybe it's time - we know more about the dinosaurs now, Jurassic Park movies have been back in the Box Office in recent years. The original game deserves a remake, and it's at least known that Shinji Mikami genuinely has lots of ideas for the series on the back burner.

Interestingly, Capcom are currently working on a game called Exoprimal, which is an action game which features Dinosaurs as enemies. Although it has no relation, internally it could be a good platform to start off with if they do decide to work on a new Dino Crisis.

What do you think... Worth doing? Or should it be obliterated by a meteor?

I hope it is not extinct.
I'm still anticipating the original Dino Crisis game being given the HD treatment, and released on PS4 and PS5 with trophy support. They've teased that it's going to happen for a while, so Capcom needs to make it happen and take my damn money already! 😂

Dino Crisis 3 is an atrocity that should have never happened. Dino Crisis 2, eh.. incredibly mediocre at best. A full on remake of the original? - Yes please!!

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