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What upcoming Silent Hill project has you most intrigued?

  • thesaunderschild
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Oct 27, 2022
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Besides the remake of 2, they all look interesting. I think Townfall is the most interesting, as it looks like it's modern day. But until there's more news, there's not much to talk about. All of the trailers were intentionally vague.

The one called f with the flower woman seems to be in Japan, with a 1960's setting.
I must admit, I haven't really looked in to the new projects in any detail as yet.. I've heard the remake of Silent Hill 2 referred to as a 'poison chalice', however.

I still haven't played Origins, Shattered Memories, or Downpour yet. Nor have I finished The Room, or Homecoming. I'm pretty behind with the series.. 😅
The entire showcase is still on YouTube. But everything they revealed is vague.

I'm hopeful there will be news during June.

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I'm most intrigued by f, as it is written by Ryukishi07 who is said to be quite a popular horror/mystery writer... so I'm thinking it's going to be quite a different take.
I wonder when the remake is coming out. The rumour about it being the end of September was just that. Hearsay...

People reckon it's gonna be out next spring.

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