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Umbrella Online approaches its first birthday (again)

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Umbrella Online approaches its first birthday (again)

Oblivion Knight

Deadpool ain't got nothin' on me!
Ok, so the latest iteration is nearing its first birthday (September 24th) - and already it feels like quite the journey! :stoned:

Here's a couple of earlier screenshots as development has progressed:
1630741939146.png 1630742067831.png 1630742160052.png

I've also given away a copy of Resident Evil: Village, and have continually tried to innovate a unique forum experience.

..and for those who don't know, Umbrella Online is actually much older than just 1 year. It's a shame that many of the original members appear to be no longer active or have not found us again, and more so that some of those who returned haven't been around for a while @Dante @Darth Stinkius @UnluckyRose - but I'm thankful to everyone old and new for making the community what it is.

Here's to another year, and hopefully many others. For the second year, the plan is simply content and better use of the tools at our disposal..


Wiki team
Yeah it has been a learning curve for me.. especially with my writing skills and how best to make use of the systems I can control. I want to make content that is interesting but not convoluted.. which is hard for this series. 😂

I have paused for a while, which some of you may have noticed. We are living in strange times, the status quo has changed a fair bit - I’m finding myself with less time to myself at the time of year where I would usually have plenty.

As with all things hobbies will have peaks and troughs — sooner or later I will come out from the deep and start adding more content and improving existing content.

Aside from that, I was happy to be a member of Old UO (henceforth shall be known as OUO as it looks like a funny face as well) and I’m glad to be a member of the reprisal!

Happy 1 year!