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đź“° News The Last of Us Part 1 Coming September

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We're living in the age of remasters, and The Last of Us has already had that treatment once before, with The Last of Us first releasing for the PS3 towards the end of that consoles life, and then a short time later The Last of Us Remastered for the PS4. Time flies though, the Remastered version was released way back in 2014, and the original a year earlier. So almost a decade later, it's having another release, only this time for PS5 and PC platforms.

The initial discovery of the project was via a leak, but it was officially revealed shortly after. From what we've seen and heard the game will feature more enhancements than the Remastered version such as a modernised combat system, improved AI across the board and of course reworked models and textures. On the PS5 it is being touted to run at a smooth 4K 60FPS, and perhaps even more on PC.

This release will allow Sony and Naughty Dog to put a nice package together of Part 1 and Part 2, perhaps even one day releasing one combined version (heaven forbid what file size that would take though).

Finally, it's also super pleasing to hear that Sony are continually not afraid to throw their big-ticket IPs onto the PC platform. We've seen God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn make their way to PC in recent years.. hopefully more to come.

Official Trailer: https://media.direct.playstation.com/is/content/psdglobal/ps5-tlou-part-1-announce-trailer-en-gb

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