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The last gaming purchase you regretted


Either a console, accessory, game or subscription.

My most regretful purchase recently was Starfield. I bought the deluxe edition on Steam just so that I could play it a week early. And while that WAS a good week - that's all. After a week, I saw through the cracks and I'd had enough of it. And by that time the game was released on Game Pass, which I subscribe to anyway. So I could have just waited and played it for free (aside from the subscription cost).

So.. I felt like I had spent all that cash to play a game for 1 week. :crying_eyes_out:

Oblivion Knight

Probably an original Xbox console.. I picked it up on a whim back in September, but I've hardly touched it since it arrived.

On the plus side, it's had the capacitors replaced as well as a good clean inside and out, and I did manage to successfully softmod it. Perhaps if/when I have a bit more free time to do a bit more with it, I'll feel better about it.
Probably one of the WWE games. All the horror games I got over the past few years were not particularly regrettable purchases. More so just mediocre.

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