The Elephant in the room

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The Elephant in the room

Oblivion Knight

..or the footer 😅

My signature gives some insight to this as a statement, but really it can be interpreted as you wish..

The intention of it is to indicate that Umbrella Online is proud to be different; We take our own direction and aren't afraid to try things. We're not a sheep, and we don't follow the herd. The elephant is a strong, determined, and noble creature who look after their own - and 'an elephant never forgets'.

Undoubtedly we'll have people that copy our ideas, or even our content. It's the nature of the internet.. What they don't have is us. We march forward, continue doing what we do, and hopefully we'll have the success that is deserved. Just remember that you a part of the journey through being a part of the community.


Lab rat
Nice of you to share your philosophy around UO with us. Indeed, I did feel the image and quote in your sig were related, but I didn't realize you were stating it as a reflection of UO itself. In hindsight, the elephant being red is a pretty good clue.


Walking dead
It's nice to see this and I think it's quite a unique and cool way of showing this message to everyone that visits the forum.

They must be some pretty big sheep though to be the same height as an elephant :ROFLMAO:


Virus cell
I was getting quite curious about the elephant and sheep on your signature and the forum footer. Glad that got cleared out :) I love the philisopy and the way you bring forward UO. A lot to learn from you ;)