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The Devil Conspiracy

The Devil Conspiracy
Title: The Devil Conspiracy

Tagline: The war of angels has come to earth.

Genre: Horror,Thriller

Director: Nathan Frankowski

Cast: Alice Orr-Ewing,Joe Doyle,Eveline Hall,Peter Mensah,Joe Anderson,Brian Caspe,Spencer Wilding,James Faulkner,Victoria Chilap,Wendy Rosas,Natalia Germani,Pavel Kříž,Jiří Valeš,Anushka Holding,Kevin Michael Clarke,Jim High,Andrea Scarduzio,Natassia Bustamante,Petr Vaněk,Ilaria Antonello,Matous Brichcin,Jan Arnošt,William Lizr

Status: Released

Release: 2023-01-13

Runtime: 111

Plot: The hottest biotech company in the world has discovered they can clone history’s most influential people from the dead. Now, they are auctioning clones of Michelangelo, Galileo, Vivaldi, and others for tens of millions of dollars to the world’s ultra-rich. But when they steal the Shroud of Turin and clone the DNA of Jesus Christ, all hell breaks loose.

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Trailer Cast Crew Videos

    • Alice Orr-Ewing

    • Joe Doyle

      Father Marconi / Michael
    • Eveline Hall

    • Peter Mensah

      Archangel Michael
    • Joe Anderson

    • Brian Caspe

      Dr. Laurent
    • Spencer Wilding

      Beast of the Ground
    • James Faulkner

      Cardinal Vincini
    • Victoria Chilap

    • Wendy Rosas

    • Natalia Germani

    • Pavel Kříž

      Bishop Bustamante
    • Jiří Valeš

      Antonio's father
    • Anushka Holding

    • Kevin Michael Clarke

    • Jim High

    • Andrea Scarduzio

      Dr. Andre Russo
    • Natassia Bustamante

    • Petr Vaněk

    • Ilaria Antonello

      Shroud Tour Guide
    • Matous Brichcin

      Security Guard
    • Jan Arnošt

      Security Guard
    • William Lizr

    • Ed Alan (Writing)

    • Afsaneh Baker (Production)

    • Michael Emerson (Production)

      Executive Producer
    • Mike Sears (Production)

      Executive Producer
    • Ondřej Lipenský (Art)

      Production Design
    • Nathan Frankowski (Directing)

    • Josef Čechota (Costume & Make-Up)

      Costume Design
    • Vaclav Mottl (Production)

      Executive Producer
    • Milan Chadima (Crew)

    • Kevan Van Thompson (Production)

      Executive Producer
    • Anne Kathrin Dern (Sound)

    • Official Trailer

      • Trailer
    • Silent Night, Unholy Night [The Devil Conspiracy]

      • Clip
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