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System Shock

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Sep 24, 2020
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Just wondered, did anyone ever play System Shock or System Shock 2?

The BioShock series was considered a spiritual successor to System Shock. They had similar gameplay styles (although System Shock was far more RPG-style - the FPS part was less important in those games) and equally had a decent storyline.

Of course BioShock games have a much more grand plot and modern gameplay but I still think those earlier games are captivating, particular Shock 2.

Would you kindly reply to this thread?
I've heard about them, but I've never played them - probably because they're PC games.. 😉

..hey, maybe I'll give them a whirl next week! If I find some time, that is.
I have them, I play them and absolutely adore them. SHODAN is one of the most amazing villains in video game history, I'm invested in a kickstarter for a System Shock remake and I just cannot wait to get my hands on it.

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The remake of System Shock is out.

I'm about to play it for the first time. There's a demo, but I'm that convinced it will be great, I'm diving straight in.

Edit: It's brilliant. It runs like a dream on PC with everything maximised and DLSS off. The textures have an intentional low-fi look and it seems they've applied a voxel effect to the 3D stuff too. Paired with the lighting and super smooth animations is a really nice looking game.

482400_20230601183216_1.png 482400_20230602153821_1.png

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