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Survival horror themed comics/mangas?

  • Claraviolet
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Sep 4, 2021
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I've been interested in getting into more comics and manga stuff, and would like to check out some horror themed ones. I bet the Japanese make some creepy survival horror and I'd love to see that in a manga style artform. Any suggestions for mangas in the genre?
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni would be one of the only horror mangas I know, though it wouldn't be "survival horror" per-say, maybe psychological horror and pretty gorey.
Unfortunately I can't attest to the manga adaptions quality, as I only own the first couple of volumes myself - I opted for the anime & visual novels instead.
Thanks a ton. I'll for sure check it out, sounds quite interesting. And that's okay, I'm open to all kinds of horror genres, so if you have any others I'm open to suggestions. I've been doing a lot of reading as of late, so the more the better. :)
Well, let's see. The following manga belongs to the survival and horror genre.

1. Another
2. Attack on Titan
3. Black Butler
4. God Eater (It's got really cool plot)
5. Tokyo Ghoul
6. Seraph of the End
7. Claymore.
I can't think of much at the moment. I will update this list later after I gather more names.

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