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Random hints for Resident Evil gameplay are now displayed on Umbrella Online..

If you'd like to contribute your own hint(s) to this cycle, reply to this thread and they will be added as time permits. It would also be useful if you noted which game(s) the hint is applicable to.

  • Never stop pressing the Interact button, items often aren't highlighted or are hidden out of plain sight.
  • You can aim up and down, with powerful weapons it is possible to take off a zombie's head with one shot.
  • Running away is a viable option. Ammo is often scarce on higher difficulties, and taking on groups of enemies can quickly lead to trouble.
  • The knife isn't as bad as you may think. A few swipes of a downed enemy can help to conserve ammo.
  • Take advantage of sound and lighting. Enemies are audibly louder as they get closer, and use shadows to plan your route.. or your escape!
  • Zombie law tells us to aim for the head. With reworked game mechanics it is often better to incapacitate an enemy, aim for the legs.
  • Mastering use of the quick turn feature could be the difference between life and death ..or Fine and Danger.


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A lot of Resident Evil games have a quick turn feature, where your character will do a 180 degree spin with a simple button combination. I think every game from RE3 Nemesis onwards have supported it (You'll have to turn this into a snappy sentence, sorry :ROFLMAO: )
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I'm not sure it's phrased correctly yet, but it's been added.. šŸ˜‰
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