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Oblivion Knight

What are your sleeping habits like? :sleep: Do you..
  • stay up late, or get an early night?
  • sleep through the night until morning?
  • snore?
  • set an alarm in the morning?
  • snooze the alarm?
  • get up as late as possible, or give yourself an hour to come around?

When I'm working at Tesco I don't get home until about 10.30pm, and I try to stay up for another hour just so it doesn't feel like I'm literally working all day and going straight to bed. At the moment I'm sleeping very well and usually sleep through the night - though I've also had bouts of insomnia in the past, they were (not) fun times! I don't snore.

My alarm is usually set for 5.15am, and I give myself the option to snooze for an extra half hour (15 mins x2) or get up. Either way, I don't have to set off for work at school until about 7.40am - I like to give myself a bit of time in the morning to have a coffee and wake up gradually. Probably for similar reasons that I stay up late.. 😅


Wiki team
Most of the time I go to bed between 10pm and midnight. I’ve never been a stay-up-late kinda guy, but if I have enough motivation I can stay up til maybe 3am at the latest but by then I’ll be a zombie for sure...

My body clock sorta naturally wakes me up at around 6am, so I often turn my alarm off before it goes off.. but if it does, I won’t snooze it. As soon as I’m done sleeping I’ll just get right up and start my day.. I don’t need to ‘come round’.. once I’m awake I’m just awake.

When I was younger I was always the guy who woke up before everyone else and tidied up.. 🤨


Lab rat
Whether I stay up late or not really just depends on how occupied I am at whatever I'm doing. I wont ever go to bed later than 2am if I'm working the next day, but on days off it could be any time.

It might take about an hour for me to actually fall asleep, and even then I'm not the deepest sleeper. So I don't ever have an issue waking up from my alarm. I do, however, occasionally think I set my alarm when I actually don't, so even I can be late waking up :p


Discord team
I stay up waaaay too late (3 or 4am), work at noon. I set one alarm, usually end up with about 6 hours of sleep, and I tend to get up with no issues about an hour and a half before I work.

Not the best habits!
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Oblivion Knight
Oblivion Knight commented
That sounds like my younger brother.. 😅 He'll be up gaming until the early hours, and not arise until past noon.


Walking dead
I am up at random times. Sometimes I stay up all night and sometimes all day. Other times I sleep all day or all night. It's very random with me but I do dream a lot and my dreams are very strange.


Walking dead
I used to stay up quite late during my gap year because it was nice being able to sleep till late with nothing to wake up for. But now, I have to wake up at around 9ish in the morning so I always try to go to sleep by around 12 or 1am

Brad P

Virus cell
During the week I normally hit the pillow around 9 or 10 takes me a good hour to settle if I do. Work at 6am so I try to go sleep as early as possible.

During the weekend I tend to stay up till 12 but even that can be hard... Must be getting old lol

Oblivion Knight

My alarm has been shifted back an hour since posting this.. 😆 I now have alarms set for 6.15am and 6.45am, and at the moment I'm a sucker for the extra sleep!

Most likely because I've been staying up a bit later too, sometimes I'm not in bed until gone 1am!


Media team
I usually go to bed about 1am and wake up about 7am.

Been sleeping more recently though, all the years of burning the candle at both ends have caught up with me.