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Silent Hill Leaks have appeared...

  • thesaunderschild
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Sep 24, 2020
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… and Konami themselves have stepped in and sent out DMCA notices to the person that obtained the leak, which were five images. Usually leaks are difficult to determine if they are real or fake, but if the owner of the property responds (at an alarming pace too) you can pretty much bet they are real.

The leaks were posted to Twitter by Dusk Golem @AestheticGamer1, the contents have since been removed at the request of the copyright owner.

Since the internet records everything...

Here's the original Tweet:


It's definitely possible that we will have a new SH game in the works, maybe even releasing soon?

Here's the images in more detail.. and the final image with Japanese text has been translated with Google Translate into English.






Post-It notes seem to be a recurring theme in the imagery.
I will believe anything that Dusk Golem tells us.

Let's hope that Konami make a decent job of it.. It's the least that the franchise and its community deserve.
I was relieved when Konami actually blooming finally announced something. LOL. But in all the awe of the showcase, I think people overlooked some things worth bringing up. Namely the sheer lack of any actual gameplay being shown off for these four games. That's kind of a red flag to me...

Another red flag is that they're remaking the second game and it's difficult to replicate that game. But with all these horror game remakes and re-something oversaturating the market today, it's effortless when you can just be one of the sheep.

Also, one of the companies I noticed makes these cheap rate story games where you answer things on the screen to proceed. That doesn't sound like a game that suggests it will yield proper gameplay mechanics, so I'm sceptical as to whether that title will be akin to the others.

Also, the one called f is being made by the people who did RE: Verse. Really, though? I cannot be excited. Nobody's even playing that on Steam much.

The remake deserves a chance. But man, it's Bloober Team. It has a very uneven chance of succeeding where others had failed.

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