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Shaun of the Dead

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Shaun of the Dead

Oblivion Knight

Title: Shaun of the Dead

Tagline: A romantic comedy. With zombies.

Genre: Horror, Comedy

Director: Edgar Wright

Cast: Simon Pegg, Kate Ashfield, Lucy Davis, Nick Frost, Dylan Moran, Bill Nighy, Penelope Wilton, Jessica Hynes, Peter Serafinowicz, Rafe Spall, Martin Freeman, Matt Lucas, Reece Shearsmith, Tamsin Greig, Julia Deakin, Steve Emerson, Nicola Cunningham, Arvind Doshi, Stuart Powell, Phyllis MacMahon, Patricia Franklin, Mark Donovan, Chris Martin, Jonny Buckland, Vernon Kay, Trisha Goddard, Jeremy Thompson, Carol Barnes, Krishnan Guru-Murthy, Rob Butler, Keir Mills, Matt Jaynes, Gavin Ferguson, Horton Jupiter, Tim Baggaley, Finola Geraghty, Sonnell Dadral, Samantha Day, David Park, Robert Fitch, Sharon Gavin, Patch Connolly, Christopher Harwood, Nick Ewans, Alex Lutes, Keith Chegwin, Lucy Akhurst, Joe Cornish, Garth Jennings, Paul Kaye, Lauren Laverne, Michael Smiley, Paul Putner, Antonia Campbell-Hughes, Rob Brydon, Julia Davis, Mark Gatiss, Robert Popper, David Walliams, Peter Baynham, Edgar Wright

Release: 2004-04-09

Runtime: 99

Plot: Shaun lives a supremely uneventful life, which revolves around his girlfriend, his mother, and, above all, his local pub. This gentle routine is threatened when the dead return to life and make strenuous attempts to snack on ordinary Londoners.


Oblivion Knight

..what? It has zombies in it, of course it qualifies! šŸ¤£

In all seriousness, this remains to be one of my favourite films and I could quote it all day long.
"Can I get... any of you cunts... a drink?"

I'm kinda glad they never did a sequel, but by the same token I'd have really liked one.. šŸ˜


Lab rat
Totally agree this would be one of my favorite films. My Uncle used to love zombie films and this is one we'd always watch when he'd fly over to visit us.

I remember being about 9 years old when this was in the cinema and was absolutely gutted when it was 18's and I couldn't see it in the cinema even with my parents bringing me. Back then it took an astronomical amount of time for things to come to DVD (or maybe it just felt that way because I was so young?) but then watching it in my cousins for the first time at a sleepover is one of my favorite memories.

Hot Fuzz is the closest thing we ever got to a sequel, the two of them being part of the "Cornetto trilogy". That was brilliant as well, but I've still never seen the third film (can't remember its name).
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Oblivion Knight
Oblivion Knight commented
I never liked Hot Fuzz quite as much, but then I've only seen it once or twice.. The third film is The World's End, never seen it but I've heard it's pretty poor.


Walking dead
Anything with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost is a definite watch. This has been on my list of movies to watch for a while now but I've yet to actually get around to it. I loved them both in Hot Fuzz so I'm sure this will be a great watch